Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Unilluminated Stars - Hollywood Illuminati ;)

Sometimes stoned, orgy loving, depressed, so-called celebrities use dumb symbolism in the mistaken belief that faith in a greater union will liberate them from their lack of talent.  

And the fact you can point to eye covering in a number of pictures doesn't not equal an illuminati in Hollywood, it shows how well, or badly, you select your images.  There are secretive societies, mystical schools, and even those you may call satanic for no good reason, yet these are just new inflections upon the definition of spirituality, and most celebrities seem just as poisoned by religion as any person.  For many years people try to find peace in their lives, they seek religions, self-help, beliefs set in pudding, but content them.  The idea of eye covering is a joke, mostly from an odd picture from here or there, and often it's a zooming in on a pose, or more often the painfully unoriginal photographic artists who produce more cliché than most.   The star may come out, yet illuination, or enlightenment, is not forth coming in the typical, some court Scientology, born again Christianity, or try Kabbalah, maybe the Sufi faith, contact their inner child, their outer adult, or look into west African red magic and voodoo related mythology, all in the search of truth, and more than a few find themselves reaching the surface of the pool, finding agnosticism, atheism, and secular humanism.  Most find themselves diving deep the depths of mysticism, and don't see that up is the answer to release, down is only the devotion to the dive.  The mistakes of holding spiritual ideas convince you, yet you do not test, the folly of the delusion, to sink beneath the dark depths, to seek the light in the dark, and not look up.   Many celebrities can understand that God is not a factor, that spirituality is a dream in dark waters, and that you are the key to your life, and there is not magic to be born of following the magical and wishful cults that oppose reason.  

The best you can say in response to the critic of conspiracy theories is the conspiracy is elsewhere, and/or lie about sources, as you will ever do, you need to lie or pass on the lie that the chaos of celebrity hold any order, when the flames of fame burn out most, often these children seek direction, and the delusions of mankind will ever provide the snake oil of the soul.  



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