Tuesday, 1 September 2015

E.O.F. End Of Fear? WTF?

If you see this blog then you may be wondering what the frick-brick is this EOF?

To be honest I'm not expert myself, I have been looking into this group, and unlike Desteni, Zeitgeist, and Venus Project, etc.  It seems like it has a key role and isn't looking to change the world, for better or not, to it's designs.

It seems interesting though, setting up the idea that spirituality can make you do dumb things for no good reason, that it's a 'virus' of sorts, and that they want to help people build up their 'anti-virus' software, there is some unclear language, yet with a team of people involved I expect great things. 
However, I should note that they are getting atheist/sceptic groups notified of their October 2015 event in London, so there could be many people who will proof test this group and it's ideas, at worst this should allow refinement of arguments, a smoothing out of it's ideas, if not then it will remain a fringe group.  I only say fringe because a new and growing group needs the mainstream as it's life blood, if it is seem as too political or too opinionated, then it won't fly smoothly in these turbulent times.  http://eof-londonconference.weebly.com/  

the basic set of points we find on their website is that religion/spirituality can be greatly harmful and thus you need to build up your defences to nonsense.  Good, because people tend to leap between faiths, or quit religion and keep Jesus, or some other wishful method of saying they reject the churches, but want to imagine god loves you, or the dead a living in the gardens of paradise, so having tricks up your sleeve to get your head straight can reduce depression and even suicides in the non-believer demographic.   http://endoffear.weebly.com/

I hope to speak to some members in the future, and if all goes well I can always look into adding to their efforts in helping others to find a happy way of living minus spiritual Jargon.

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