Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2012 theories on nibiru = non-sense

[I am nothing & no-one, but here is my view]

I mean no offence to the followers of the belief, but nibiru is just that.
over the last 7 months i have done a good number of nibiru videos, attacking the so-called proof of the nibiru/2012 movements, although at first they dragged me in.

In later 2010 I had heard of these planet X theories & concluded it is possible, however the strange theories relating to planet X / Nibiru and alien / reptilians was truly insane, not because it is out on the edge, but because the concepts where completely unfounded in proof of any kind.
it was only in early 2011, when I had studied the topic a bit more, that I was able to open a can of kick ass on the theories, sadly some youtubers continue to troll me over the matter, they cannot except that my main channel, "rob lester films" ,was winning again masses of nibiru theorists.
For some Time I had hoped to better understand the ideas of the 2012 movement, my talks with binaryjudy & other lead me to conclude it was a question of belief, not any kind of factual evidence, Judy used to speak in her vids of the vibrational shift, as if over night a great consciousness shift will bring about a mass enlightenment!
It was an interesting idea to say the least, yet nothing of real value was presented, not a thing beyond self help non-sense & new age faiths of a reality matrix.

In my experiences of Nibiru'ers, I've found many have these ideas of consciousness at their centre, as a blind faith, still many, if indeed not most, are stuck in a fear belief that the end is here.
So many of the Nibiru'ers seem to be locked an end of days world view or very least an idea that some kind of end is near, how it will unfold is debated, there are a million theories, from earth quakes to polar shifts, but the facts allude the theorists.

I would like to say not all nibiru theorists are crazy, just a bit nutty, and sometime fruity, but in any case, nutcase or otherwise, being open minded to a maybe event is better than being a person in blissful ignorance until the moment of their doom.

the key points i have covered on nibiru have gone over various objects, theories, concepts, and in the big picture I don't think I've ranted too much, although it comes with the job when debating fanatics who are as bad as any young earth creationist or new age nutjob.

My vid that did the best was "Nibiru end of the world 2012", made in December 2010, it has received over 200,000 views, not bad at all, but it had a great thumb nail pic, good tags, and I left it as a response to a very popular video on nibiru.  so it took off not by my hard work, but by being in the right place at the right time.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Equal money system fails freedom

Various groups and organisations seem to see an "equal money system" as the cure for all ills, sadly this is not so, infact a new level of problems can arise from such a system, most obvious is how can we ensure relative freedom?  and how would it be regulated if not by force?
it seems to me that an equal money system would require a ruling body that has to police all people to ensure equality, however, a fair money system could be an obvious answer, not equal money but an economic cap on people and business to provent a super wealthy elite from ruling over the people, this idea has the advanyage of offering reward for hard work or wise investment that would lead to a middle-class world (no poor or super rich).

A well known cult known as Zeitgeist tries to claim a resource driven system would solve the majority of our worries, however, this point of view as with other groups who follow this logic fails to deal with the idea of who owns your money, how would be regulated, who polices this system and how?
 As with any equal system well may expect the use of authortarian tactics to make people conform to said ideals of the cult, religion, or organisation, maybe a soviet system would manifest, I think to avoid this the fair money system holds more value and need less regulation (and control) of the people.

A final thought, what is your labour if not for progression, what is the point of work if you get the everything handed to you, is it not a greater thing to earn what you have and truly have it as yours, is it fair to surrender freedom for security when its a foundation of a police state, could it be said that a completely regulated nation is peace and security at the cost of progress???


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

why I speak out against cults

I oppose cult groups for a very good reason, they are cults, not free, not fair, not honest, full of crap, and they think they should get respect, how dare they, they brainwash members, screw over people for money and power and the want respect because they play god, its moronic.

in my view the only reason to oppose cults is to safe guard liberty in the face of those who would take it away.

Colleen Thomas, the conartist from space

as you maybe aware my work against Colleen Thomas, known as colesakick on youtube, is going well, she is a new age conwoman who plays on fears of alien invasions and UN take overs to fool the ignorant and conspiritorial minds of thousands of youtubers, if only until they see passed the sea of faeces that is generated by colleen's drug induced insanity.

Colleen started as an average new age guru on youtube, or so it seemed, a psychic/mystic who was not very realistic, nothing strange apart from the odd faith, I noticed her in october 2010, her claim to prodict the alien invasion that would end the world was odd to say the least, she made wild claims that got her tens of thousands of views in a few days.  As you can tell the aliens didn't land, we are still here, and yet Colleen continues to make wild claims and will false flag small channels if they question her work in a very open way, she effectively shut down "colleen talks crap" and tried the warn people that she is the mother goddess, so don't f#ck with her?

My self I did one vid in october, asking WTF!, after I made a number of videos questioning her non-sense and pointing out her most epic fails, one of which as the UN take over of parts of the south west USA,
naturally she just moved on and never answered the obvious question "why did nothing happened?",
so myself and a few others have taken it upon our selves to share points of views on colleen and expose her as the conartist she truly is.

she has been on a few radio shows, Russia Today News, and various podcasts, but regardless of attention whoring she has mostly failed to gain any great note as a speaker or guru for the new age,
if anything she has just made it so only a tiny number of fools swollow her B.S theories of dooms days and E.T's.

she has made so many claim I can't keep up, she just makes a clown of her self in the truther world,
her choice and indeed her greatest error was to open her mouth, my simple advice is for people to avoid the quack completely, well apart from researching her scam. 

please visit my channel on youtube for my videos on Colleen Thomas & her scam
http://www.youtube.com/user/roblesterfilms  & 

against the desteni cult

over the years I have come across a few cults and their techiques, one of the most unusual is the desteni cult, known as desteni productions on youtube, I came across their work 4 years ago and was very interested in all types of spiritual practice, desteni was not originally my foe, just a strange thing to watch sometimes.

I only became an ally of antidesteni as i studied the cult in early 2010, their theories were of some interest to me and my own spiritual path as a psychic at the time, but thankfully I grew out of that way of life.  Their talk of equality was interesting, however a great guy known as "desteni truth" exposed them greatly in his videos on the dark side of the desteni belief, over the next three months I met ten main players in Anti-Desteni, they were not organised, but all thought it best to oppose the cult of desteni.

Althought we are not one organisation, and we do not work together in most ways, through out 2010 over 20 people were engaged in the conflict as desteni flagged vids down and DMCA'd others, silencing their foes,
and this year the same war of anticult verses the desteni cult continues.

Through out 2010 and right up to the present day many more rational people have been speaking up against the desteni control systems, but their false flagging of our vids inspired us to co-operate as never before, and has made us a force which would not be easily defeated, indeed even if removed from youtube we are still legion, we are guardians of free speech for all perspectives, and we will not be stopped from sharing our views on desteni just because they are not the party line.

The "anti desteni movement" is a project organised between a number of AntiDesteni allies, its goal was to make aware a great number of people of the reality of desteni productions, mostly expose them as a cult and not a development group, naturally this was not hard to show as an actuality, and with 0rdoTempliAurora, XfinksX, Istenenergia, FreeSpeech4tw & others on the case with myself RobLesterFilms we have a large base to spread the facts on the desteni cult.