Tuesday, 26 September 2017

argument over race, was I wrong?? [please explain why, I am interested.]

Maybe as I wrote my previous blog I was on a mental high from listening to a few science podcasts, but I'm very much open to learning more.  I dare say I've made a few errors, but I tend to learn from my mistakes. 

Feel free to comment, I will probably rely

A War On North Korea - Trump's War.

If It Should Happen A Few Thoughts That Must Be Accounted For. 

N Korea says it will shoot down US Bombers if they should attack. I say the US will use high-altitude craft and cruise missile technology making N Korea's 1970s tech look totally impotent. And this not to mention the wooden N Korean dummy missiles, the poorly supplied army, and their general lack of serious fighting forces beyond the border with S Korea, which is where almost all of their artillery is located to keep threatening the S Korean capital, Seoul. Most of the reason why no wants a war is that it'll lead to many losses, although the N Korean forces and nuclear capacity could be taken out in very short order. The Million man army of N Korea is half-starved, the claim they could call up 6 million more is a lie, they lack reliable and fully functional equipment for most of the army, and keep the crack troops for the border and the parades in the N Korean capital city, Pyongyang.  Although much of the nation's resources to fight a war are in the rocket program and their nuclear program. Meaning they may have more surprises than a starving army and Soviet surplus stock from the cold war era.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Ramble - Untitled annoyance.

Many people on the far left are pro-harsh laws against far-right white racists, many far right types are for very harsh limits on immigrants and muslims.

And what makes this even more painful?  How about the fact that removing rights and having invacive laws doesn't mean they'll just use it against your enemies.

The far right neo-nazis and muslims extremists are the same but rival clubs that encourage extreme responses that could bring ruin to many personal freedoms.

The moment we create a law to reduce our liberty is the day we live on the edge of a dragger, and if fearful politics continues then we could find a boot stamping on a human face in a destopian future.

Over reaction?  If nothing else, pondering the unpleasant thoughts may save us from the worst scenario. 

Ramble - Nationalism and ignorance.

I find nationalism to be an oddity, whenever you can call someone great one of you you do. And, due to the unreasonable pride you hold dear, you will down play the contributions of those who can't be made to fit your view of nationality.

How many great Irish figures are claimed by Britain, and if you look the same reasoning is common in many nations. Maybe all nations suffer from the delusion.

The down play part is fun too, get into an argument with an indian who is a nationalist, they crow about indian culture and dismiss criticism of their spiritual leader(s). They ignore the idea that their guru is a total fraud, then in the same ignorant way as any British nationalist, they'll make foolish generalisations and use unfair and untrue examples.

I was told by one guru fan, and his guru was in court for serious crimes, that "your pope rapes children". This was after he said my religion was worse than his, even though his guru was in court for the crimes that he thought the pope does.

I wasn't aware I had a pope, it seemed like he had assumed all westerners were christian and all christians were catholic. This doesn't differ much from the nationalist here in the UK who thinks all of the middle east, persia and india are dusty and sandy places who follow in every case a horrid Islam, or a uniform Hinduism in the case of most indians. Obviously, not true to anyone who has ever don't as little as use google for more than looking up fiction.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Race in a nutshell.

In essence there are no races between humans.  
Race used to be the tribe down the river, then the next region or nation, later the next people with common looks, then the next continent or wherever difference is great for the recent bigot.
Now it's a world away, as genetic commonality means that scientifically an alien from another world with no shared history is the true alien or race apart from why evolving Earthlings.

Turns out the idea of race at a real level due to our shared heritage is best argued as not between people but between separate abiogenesis and evolution.  Alternatively, the Darwinian version is one regarding species and not ethnic type, survival of race of people being far from scientific reasoning. Ethnicity being very grey, with every one of you being a mongrel, and so at best race is a belief based on data before modern knowledge, such as genetics. 
 So, as I said, there are no races between humans.  Or so it would be, if not for common ignorance and ideology based reasoning, the unequality in various cases, and so race beyond reason is a continuing irrationality.  

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I disagree, and I could go on...

Preaching vegans on youtube annoy me and may think you can avoid them. You're wrong. Camera reviews and tutorials include them adding their politics.

I found a review of a canon I was thinking of buying, the kid called Vegan Socialist ending his review with an audio test. At this point, he got preachy and decided to say 'stop killing 150 billion animals a year, yourself and the planet'.

My thoughts are so fucking what, sure you can cut production of farming, you can make it more humane, but over farming to feed everyone with the ideal vegan diet won't save the planet either. All you'll do is drive pigs to extinction while feeling better about yourself.

The most obvious and humane food production with easy protein is to breed bugs by the 100 trillion and process them into artificial nuggets and burgers, etc. It's probably a lot easier than farming a perfect vegan diet for billions of people.

And, to troll people like this could dream up good arguments for humane cannibalism that are as morally consistent as the vegan arguments.
In any case, a radical rethink on morality would be required.

Another thought that works far better than the above ramblings is to lower meat production by the supermarket that floods their stores with cheap meat but means a vast sum of it will be wasted every day and as a result, keep the demand for meat high. Same for fast food places and many others establishments that waste huge amounts of food per year.

Lower the need or desire for meat and you may have run out of Tesco pork chops, but you'll kill fewer animals every year.