Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hypno-Bullshit Wendi the pseudo-expert on "hypnotherapy"

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Bullshit Hypnosis - Critical Review Of Wendi.com

Response to a woman called Wendi Friesen, who appeared on P&T Bullshit! - Hypnosis, and appeared on other tv shows a few times, she is one of a growing breed of pseudo-scientists.  She is a hypnotherapist who creates CDs and downloads to do that which hypnotherapy just can't seem to do, but because she is making big money she is happy to advertise breast enlargement hypnosis, if you gotta a problem she would have an audio therapy session to help you, help you to give her a big income.  In the Penn & Teller episode on hypnotherapy she said her site makes millions, and that show was made over 5 years ago, so how much money is she making now? [I dread to think!].  I chose to critique her works due to her lack of scientific standing and her radical claims, I'm sure she is a nice gal and yet I just can't let such quackery pass without serious criticism, it's not personal, it's just business.  I find it interesting how her work covers everything you may need, the claim are great and yet a great deal of loose language means she is covered legally within alternative therapy, and still the great claims draw in millions of people and have made her quite rich.
I personally disagree with people who say they know anything that can't even half prove, and if they make a buck off a cancer victim to make a buck or play on human weaknesses that really annoys me, and that is what wendi does, not just prey on guys with tiny cocks.

she claims to be able to hypnotically cure cancer

and she has a guarantee, where basically she claims if you do what she says you'll get results, but if it's motivation then who needs hypno-bullshit?

Testimonial page is interesting, and proves nothing, considering even Peter Popoff and Benny Hinn, as well as most quacks, have many testimonials.

look for yourself, don't laugh too much ;)

Wendi's Youtube channel, WendiFriesen (yes, she has a channel)

Penn & Teller's Bullshit! - Hypnosis  (full episode)

Penn And Teller Website

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a comment left a day ago states 'let he who is without sin, cast the first stone', firstly that story seems improbable to be historical, even if it's meaning is moral. the stone cast by myself is to say of Wendi, that her claims are false, or so far fetched as to be highly probable to be so.  As for my own 'whiter than white' aspect, I am not without wrongs, past, present, and I would not doubt in my future, yet sin is a construct invented by religion to enslave generations, feel free to disagree.  To say I must be 'without sin', 'whiter than white', to 'throw mud' is an odd idea, since no one person is perfect, or at least it is highly improbable, and my going on are only my critique of such money making pseudo-experts as Wendi and her quackery website.  so, if you please, consent to give humanity more credit, and indeed freedom, to doubt the unreal and illogical, than to follow and remain faithful to the peril of quackery and con-artistry.  We need not be better or even brighter than the people we ask questions of, nor do we need to stand as the meek before all as the inheritors of the earth to call out an untruth, for it is not a need to be pure to point out some obvious errors.  And I doubt that my audience, or at least most of them, think that I would be unwilling to retract my points if show scientific evidence of the claims of Wendi.com.