Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Long time no speaky, update + End Of Fear(?!?!)

I have been quite busy these past months, work has been hard, the money is nice, but I really haven't been in the mood to continue this blog for a while.  I was hoping to add news of some sort, I had plans for interviews and to continue my video testing psychics, yet time being a factor defeated that effort, so delays set me back for a while, and that's not all bad. 

News, well new to you, I will be interviewing a few people who are into this End Of Fear project, they seem like a venus project type of people, but their focus is on those who leave religion and spirituality to the credulous. [endoffear]  I hope to see if they are sceptical, or if the rejection of religion in their case is down to reasonable perspectives or if they are digging deeper now into pseudo-science for psychological wellness, I say this having spoken to them, Jess And her partner seem to be very critical of magical thinking, YET very opinionated.  And in my experience that can lead towards it's own brand of thinking, that may not be magical or wishful in the same way, yet still may have some leaps that are counter productive. 

                                          the groups symbol looks like this, why do people feel the need
                                          for some kind of symbol to express what they are and what they do?

                                                         Jessica, of the 'EOF project' or does that make it 'EOFP'?

Jessica Schab of EOF seems to be a nice person in general, a form spiritual speaker who realised that it was nonsensical, and in time left that life behind, and the faith, experiences, etc.  And now is promoting critical thinking on such matters, her foes seem to fear the fact that she was doing talks and spreading the 'new age' kind of belief and then snapped out of it.  I am not an expert on this matter, I would say this rejection is a common place happening when a person of some note makes themselves outcast, and so some critique made by some spiritual types is very unpleasant indeed. 

I will continue this another time, it seems that it requires much more discussion, and an interview for maybe as soon as the week end could clarify a lot of questions I'm toying with, after all I'm not loyal to sides, I'm interested in the facts. 

It only remains to add that her youtube channel is worth a look too, as is her Project Camelot video from when she was a new age loon.  Don't get me wrong, most of you reading are loons too, and I was once into that bullshit too, and you don't get smarter as such, when you leave it behind, you just remove the mists that make it hard to see the world around you, the indoctrination from many beliefs you may hold and that prevent sound reasoning. 

JessicaMystic youtube 

Jessica's project Camelot interview from over 6yrs ago

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