Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Colin Fry is Dead! good!

The truth is that no one who is in their right mind and not suffering from some clouding of their emotions will not find joy from the dead of any many, not matter how horrid his or her actions. 

Colin Fry spent many year fooling the credulous out of money, but because he fit into the religious protect we offer in the UK, and because he was ripping people off for small sums, he got away with making millions by doing cold reading and inviting clients to shows to make himself seem better than he was. Good work if you can get it? 

I don't hate him, nor did I hate in his life, yet death changes no facts, he was a man who lied to sell books, seats in shows, and got on TV, becoming the UK's best loved medium.  YET, never confirmed his abilities, a few quacky tests wouldn't prove the skill/gift of mediumship, and if he at least tried I would have though he might believed his tall tales. 

enough said?

well let me add this:

good bye Colin, you were a crook, and for many of us will be remembered as a bad magician with no moral compass. 

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