Monday, 4 May 2015

Quacky Channelling Exposed!

Quacky Channelling Exposed!

Most of us grow out of the imaginary, we leave behind the general gibberish of the ignorances of our childhood, yet not all of us grow up in this way, the delusions can keep up with an adult mind, but it aint easy.   Not least you need suspend external sense and any reasoning, it's a hard job, well no, that was wrong.  It's an easy job, but some schmuck will give it a frickin' go! 

well what can you say to that, but they are deceptive mother fcukers with no guts for evidence, no spine for discussion, and deserve to be exposed as deluded people or complete frauds. 

and hey, this is my opinion, you wanna prove me wrong then shot, fire your facts at me, lets see who is standing in this dusty town after we fire off a few rounds in a debate.