Wednesday, 2 September 2015

God is not... Defined!

God is not anything without actually or at least some agreed upon definition, yet every definition changes, is shifted, made to fit in it's squared form the round holes of reality.  

We call an idea by the term/title 'god', yet what is god, we don't get a picture in full, and those cults who say they know god well seem to shy away from reality when science defeats their claims, or find gaps in our knowledge and place god in those shrinking voids of our limitation.  It seem that god can be recreated any number of times, new masks and faces, new faiths and forms, and those who think they know god personally.  God seems to have been reformed more and more in recent centuries, and the endless grinding of philosophies and fundamentalism, the rising sun of moderates, the endless new faiths and new ideas, revelations, spiritualists, mystics, new ages, etc.  all leading nowhere, all leading away from faith as those who had faith find they need less and less the foundation of a faith, and yet many still cling to the wizards because their magics give them comfort.  

[just a quick ramble before I needed to go out.]


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