Monday, 19 January 2015

AJ Miller Drone Fails!

AJ Miller drone fails! 

this comment was left on a video where I was question why Aussie Jesus Guy, Alan John Miller, was recycling the beliefs of spiritualist from the era of the 1920s.  He basically plagiarised James Padgett, a spiritualist writer from the 20s, and so is Alan John Miller the reincarnated Jesus or just a man who is mistaken?! 
My point is he should be original and not just a guy ripping off the work of others.

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Response to my comment was interesting, BUT note that he now has responded by saying Wikipedia is not accurate, and saying spiritualists don't count due to dogma, he may be partly correct, BUT, BUT!!!  THE MORON DOESN'T SEEM TO GET THAT IT'S NOT JUST THEM, THOSE WERE EXAMPLES :)  the truth is there is more history from various sources on the life and work of James Padgett, not just wiki fail and spiritualist fanatics.  so he still fails.  he also goes on to assume spiritualists are Christian, when many are not, in many spiritualist churches they have no bible and no Christian style to their operation, other than a kind of service system that isn't bound to Christianity, except in the case of Christian-spiritualist who do.  So this guy is dodging the point that source point out facts that conflict with Alan Miller's new religion. 

The end result opinion of the auusie Jesus is your meant to make him some kind of new age self-help hippy god, Why bloody well bother. 

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basically anyone being Jesus is probably bullshit!