Saturday, 5 September 2015

How much does some Psychics earn? (Example: Sally Morgan)

How Major Stage Psychics Get $$$

just stating the obvious when it comes to Psychic Sally's income.  

hate to tell people this but Sally Morgan is getting way too much money for selling her nonsense, she makes over 1.5 million per year I reckon, from simple mathematics you can work out that 45-50 theatre shows per year at a rate of £24-£26 a seat, sell out shows that fill a three thousand seat theatre.
I did the low end maths and found that based on a 25quid cost in a 2,000 seat threatre, with costs+tax covered she is making in profit 30k, 50 shows at that mediocre end of her business she makes 1.5 million per year, plus book sales, plus celebrity readings, plus other 1-to-1 readings £400-£500 each, for 20-30minutes. then add the money she gets for repeats of TV shows, appearances on day time TV, etc. We are talking about a quiet year for sally is earning her more than most of you will get in a life time!!! 

 video to be added on this topic soon. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Aleister Crowley, 'The Most Evil Man In The World' ?

God is not... Defined!

God is not anything without actually or at least some agreed upon definition, yet every definition changes, is shifted, made to fit in it's squared form the round holes of reality.  

We call an idea by the term/title 'god', yet what is god, we don't get a picture in full, and those cults who say they know god well seem to shy away from reality when science defeats their claims, or find gaps in our knowledge and place god in those shrinking voids of our limitation.  It seem that god can be recreated any number of times, new masks and faces, new faiths and forms, and those who think they know god personally.  God seems to have been reformed more and more in recent centuries, and the endless grinding of philosophies and fundamentalism, the rising sun of moderates, the endless new faiths and new ideas, revelations, spiritualists, mystics, new ages, etc.  all leading nowhere, all leading away from faith as those who had faith find they need less and less the foundation of a faith, and yet many still cling to the wizards because their magics give them comfort.  

[just a quick ramble before I needed to go out.]


Unilluminated Stars - Hollywood Illuminati ;)

Sometimes stoned, orgy loving, depressed, so-called celebrities use dumb symbolism in the mistaken belief that faith in a greater union will liberate them from their lack of talent.  

And the fact you can point to eye covering in a number of pictures doesn't not equal an illuminati in Hollywood, it shows how well, or badly, you select your images.  There are secretive societies, mystical schools, and even those you may call satanic for no good reason, yet these are just new inflections upon the definition of spirituality, and most celebrities seem just as poisoned by religion as any person.  For many years people try to find peace in their lives, they seek religions, self-help, beliefs set in pudding, but content them.  The idea of eye covering is a joke, mostly from an odd picture from here or there, and often it's a zooming in on a pose, or more often the painfully unoriginal photographic artists who produce more cliché than most.   The star may come out, yet illuination, or enlightenment, is not forth coming in the typical, some court Scientology, born again Christianity, or try Kabbalah, maybe the Sufi faith, contact their inner child, their outer adult, or look into west African red magic and voodoo related mythology, all in the search of truth, and more than a few find themselves reaching the surface of the pool, finding agnosticism, atheism, and secular humanism.  Most find themselves diving deep the depths of mysticism, and don't see that up is the answer to release, down is only the devotion to the dive.  The mistakes of holding spiritual ideas convince you, yet you do not test, the folly of the delusion, to sink beneath the dark depths, to seek the light in the dark, and not look up.   Many celebrities can understand that God is not a factor, that spirituality is a dream in dark waters, and that you are the key to your life, and there is not magic to be born of following the magical and wishful cults that oppose reason.  

The best you can say in response to the critic of conspiracy theories is the conspiracy is elsewhere, and/or lie about sources, as you will ever do, you need to lie or pass on the lie that the chaos of celebrity hold any order, when the flames of fame burn out most, often these children seek direction, and the delusions of mankind will ever provide the snake oil of the soul.  



Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Aleister Crowley and the Beatles

I was reading up on him and find that the reason the Beatles put him on one of their covers was because of his almost anarchic individualism and his escape from Christian moral limitations that were up until the 60s a very real problem. 

conspiracy theories are abound on this topic, yet really you need only understand that 60s culture was one of liberation, and the Beatles were at the crest of that wave for a time, and just as Crowley travelled east to learn from the world, so did the Beatles.  Although, come to think of it, the results were far from perfect, and the spirituality in the end no better than other faiths, more free and personal, more about living life, exploring life.  And yet, still limited by the fact of the delusions you live are just illusions dancing over reality, they are not the real world, just the mask it wears when we want to something other than it's bare face. 

I will be uploading a video soon to my main youtube channel on Aleister Cowley, I will try to remember to note that here.  https://www.youtube.com/user/robertwlester

E.O.F. End Of Fear? WTF?

If you see this blog then you may be wondering what the frick-brick is this EOF?

To be honest I'm not expert myself, I have been looking into this group, and unlike Desteni, Zeitgeist, and Venus Project, etc.  It seems like it has a key role and isn't looking to change the world, for better or not, to it's designs.

It seems interesting though, setting up the idea that spirituality can make you do dumb things for no good reason, that it's a 'virus' of sorts, and that they want to help people build up their 'anti-virus' software, there is some unclear language, yet with a team of people involved I expect great things. 
However, I should note that they are getting atheist/sceptic groups notified of their October 2015 event in London, so there could be many people who will proof test this group and it's ideas, at worst this should allow refinement of arguments, a smoothing out of it's ideas, if not then it will remain a fringe group.  I only say fringe because a new and growing group needs the mainstream as it's life blood, if it is seem as too political or too opinionated, then it won't fly smoothly in these turbulent times.  http://eof-londonconference.weebly.com/  

the basic set of points we find on their website is that religion/spirituality can be greatly harmful and thus you need to build up your defences to nonsense.  Good, because people tend to leap between faiths, or quit religion and keep Jesus, or some other wishful method of saying they reject the churches, but want to imagine god loves you, or the dead a living in the gardens of paradise, so having tricks up your sleeve to get your head straight can reduce depression and even suicides in the non-believer demographic.   http://endoffear.weebly.com/

I hope to speak to some members in the future, and if all goes well I can always look into adding to their efforts in helping others to find a happy way of living minus spiritual Jargon.

please check out my youtube channel, where future interviews will be located  

Cult leaders

 [a few thoughts]

we can mean a person who is popular with a following, a so-called 'cult of personality', yet typically we mean a person who run a group of extreme devotion, or a charismatic guru who gathers followers to his or her self. 

At a push you can call a scammer a cult leader, with Peter Popoff he is a guru of sorts, a scammer, sure, yes, and indeed uses his ministry to gather funds, it's a racket, a front, he has a pet cult on a lead to get money, yet there are worse things than greed alone. 

David Berg, also known as Moses David, ran a group known as the Children of God, since changed it's name a few times, and he wasn't in it for money, he was in it for lots of sex with underage-girls, he was a narcissist in the extreme, and created a faith to allow him to live out every fantasy and perversion. 

There are many reasons why cult leaders become what they are, in the sense of position and the abuse they offer, the everyday western guru, new age or otherwise, doesn't often form an organisation, they are selling a product.  And usually not on the scale of Popoff, small business models based on lectures, books, and worshops, no big clean up scam, lots of small plays that are not easily regulated. 

Narcissists are commonly the type of people to create cults, socially insecure people are often the best followers, the narcissist hungers for position, the rest are dominated, indoctrinated, or expelled. 

The average Newage speaker isn't a cult leader, they are a sales person with a willing and credulous audience, same for many christian speakers, they may make vast sums of cash, but it's more about the money than anything.  And these sorts of people are rarely true narcissists. 

The Narcissistic Cult Leader is one who isn't so much after money, sex, or any such thing as such, it's all about what Sam Vaknin, an expert on Narcissism, calls 'narcissstic supply', the sense of gratification that comes of having their own way.  And remember the worst thing you can do is remove that supply to the narcissists ego, it is their life's blood, and extreme cases will do anything to ensure they get it and keep such a supply within their power. 

Teal Swan Suicidal Narcissist Cult Leader?

notes on Teal, incomplete. 

Stories about miss Swan is many, not least her narcissism, and her bad days when she is on the edge of suicide, and still self harms, this is inferred by the interview conducted with former supporters, former friend of Teal, and house mates.

Some of these interviews are on youtube, and I don't say you should believe them all, be critical, but still Teal is at the very least FAR from Perfect, far from being an enlightened spiritual creature from a galaxy far far away who can help you find the greater truth.

 I think we should all ask how true a thing is, is it something you can try out and put to the test, or is it heresy to question her beliefs, will you find that your rail-roaded for asking hard questions or spotting thing that fail to make sense, or if you point out an error.  After all she acts like she is perfect, to admit error makes her physically and mentally weak, she will bitch, cry, attention whore, and exhibits many narcissist traits, but without a consultation with a serious expert we can't be sure she is a narcissist, yet we need not then ignore the facts. 

here we have a long, long interview presented by Jessica Schab, she interview Cameron, a gal we was living with Teal and her cult group.

 I dare say some of you are annoyed that I linked that video, which is actually a series of 5 videos, I don't mind that, I suspect many Tealers(Teal Fans) need to watch up and not get drawn into a cult of personality, I don't mind if you cling to beliefs and experiences as such, but we aware of those points made in that interview and many others.

I don't think she is evil, nor a great danger to many of you, yet she is a man eater, well an eater in general, encouraging a flock of friends who become followers, and she is very much into free love some reports suggest.  I doubt much of this, I doubt this civil war in the spiritual movement will mean much in the scale of things, just another loon making big bucks from mystical lies.  to be fair so was the woman in the video, Jessica Schab, but she realised she was deluded, and she wasn't a cult leader with an inner circle of devotees, yet Teal is known to have a cult personality and her cult family in her home and neighbourhood. 

I don't mind so much if Teal wakes up or not to her lies, reports of her still self-harming are interesting, her numerous bids for oblivion got her in a psycho ward for a while, that's where she put together some of her ideas about 'who she is', an alien living in human form, a human body. 
Her family never saw or heard anything of her Satanic claims, her brother is a rape councillor, her parents are educated middle-class caring people, and much of Teal insanity comes from the alleged drug and sex issues of her teen years, she even did sex work for a few years, still does from time to time, allegedly.  the claim of satanic abuse was changed over the years, she says it was pedophiles, mormon pedos, satanic child killers, the story is not clarified, and she has even made errors from time to time, not least claiming to be the poster child of satanic abuse awareness then in youtube interviews saying she doesn't want to pursue this issue anymore, she said she contacted the police at first, and her excuse for no evidence and being sent to psycho ward was that the Satanists or Mormon Paedophile-Murderers were always moving camp and they avoided lost child reports by hunting illegal immigrant children.  Odd, strange, dumb, sure all that, and best of all she claims she needed to go through it all to be the guru she is today, but if she's an alien enlightened being then WTF!  and I could go on forever, the facts are not that, and every serious common discussion ends with her fans agreeing the claims are non-falsifiable.  

Tila Tiquila, attention whore

news story Tila attention whoring
oh how the foolish do fail, yet she has tried EVERYTHING ELSE, so maybe this is what she needs, to burn the bridges of her folly to confirm the need to build better crossings that are not about whoring herself out to get notoriety.   

Far more interesting to me than racism, porn, and other errors in judgement, is the conspiracy theorist claims made in 2013, and there abouts, she was saying the illuminati were after her and that she was going to fight them, she even was on the Alex Jones radio show, a far-right conspiracy nut show that includes david icke and other douchbags as regulars.  ;)

here is my reuploaded video on her, it was originally up about 3 years ago. 

I removed it because I hoped her star had sank as far as it could go by now, so I added it to an archive channel. 

for more response to crazy bullshit RobertWLester Sceptic Youtube Channel

and now for something else:
All the best to this gal, after all, if it wasn't for the rush of attention and an on and off drug problem she probably would be dead by now.  ;)

Colin Fry is Dead! good!

The truth is that no one who is in their right mind and not suffering from some clouding of their emotions will not find joy from the dead of any many, not matter how horrid his or her actions. 

Colin Fry spent many year fooling the credulous out of money, but because he fit into the religious protect we offer in the UK, and because he was ripping people off for small sums, he got away with making millions by doing cold reading and inviting clients to shows to make himself seem better than he was. Good work if you can get it? 

I don't hate him, nor did I hate in his life, yet death changes no facts, he was a man who lied to sell books, seats in shows, and got on TV, becoming the UK's best loved medium.  YET, never confirmed his abilities, a few quacky tests wouldn't prove the skill/gift of mediumship, and if he at least tried I would have though he might believed his tall tales. 

enough said?

well let me add this:

good bye Colin, you were a crook, and for many of us will be remembered as a bad magician with no moral compass. 

Long time no speaky, update + End Of Fear(?!?!)

I have been quite busy these past months, work has been hard, the money is nice, but I really haven't been in the mood to continue this blog for a while.  I was hoping to add news of some sort, I had plans for interviews and to continue my video testing psychics, yet time being a factor defeated that effort, so delays set me back for a while, and that's not all bad. 

News, well new to you, I will be interviewing a few people who are into this End Of Fear project, they seem like a venus project type of people, but their focus is on those who leave religion and spirituality to the credulous. [endoffear]  I hope to see if they are sceptical, or if the rejection of religion in their case is down to reasonable perspectives or if they are digging deeper now into pseudo-science for psychological wellness, I say this having spoken to them, Jess And her partner seem to be very critical of magical thinking, YET very opinionated.  And in my experience that can lead towards it's own brand of thinking, that may not be magical or wishful in the same way, yet still may have some leaps that are counter productive. 

                                          the groups symbol looks like this, why do people feel the need
                                          for some kind of symbol to express what they are and what they do?

                                                         Jessica, of the 'EOF project' or does that make it 'EOFP'?

Jessica Schab of EOF seems to be a nice person in general, a form spiritual speaker who realised that it was nonsensical, and in time left that life behind, and the faith, experiences, etc.  And now is promoting critical thinking on such matters, her foes seem to fear the fact that she was doing talks and spreading the 'new age' kind of belief and then snapped out of it.  I am not an expert on this matter, I would say this rejection is a common place happening when a person of some note makes themselves outcast, and so some critique made by some spiritual types is very unpleasant indeed. 

I will continue this another time, it seems that it requires much more discussion, and an interview for maybe as soon as the week end could clarify a lot of questions I'm toying with, after all I'm not loyal to sides, I'm interested in the facts. 

It only remains to add that her youtube channel is worth a look too, as is her Project Camelot video from when she was a new age loon.  Don't get me wrong, most of you reading are loons too, and I was once into that bullshit too, and you don't get smarter as such, when you leave it behind, you just remove the mists that make it hard to see the world around you, the indoctrination from many beliefs you may hold and that prevent sound reasoning. 

JessicaMystic youtube 

Jessica's project Camelot interview from over 6yrs ago