Friday, 18 January 2013

Falun Gong / Falun Dafa debate

in a video made last year I criticized the faith and development system of falun dafa / falun gong, the result was loads if silly statements from members and supporters of this faith lead system.
the main concerns from them seems to be that I must be ignorant, a christian trying to debunk  other cults, or a communist supported or hired by the red chinese to lie about the group.  obvious I am non of the ideas offered, my info was fact checked with a bunch of educational /cult news websites, and then i found the communist government of china & others backed up some of these points too, through various news outlets.  And the belief is very new age sounding, mostly because asian myths, as well as other ancient myths, inspire new age ideas, so from another place we find similar sounding stuff.  I had people telling me that they were not in a cult mentality, which is sometimes called a religious mentality, but it was clearly a faith system that the leader of the movement is God!
Religious nuts in strange cults rarely see the true nature of a cult, or they are inner members who know the truth to some degree but think it best not to upset the leader who is rightious or even divine in their ways, even if that involves abuses or total power.