Saturday, 5 September 2015

How Major Stage Psychics Get $$$

just stating the obvious when it comes to Psychic Sally's income.  

hate to tell people this but Sally Morgan is getting way too much money for selling her nonsense, she makes over 1.5 million per year I reckon, from simple mathematics you can work out that 45-50 theatre shows per year at a rate of £24-£26 a seat, sell out shows that fill a three thousand seat theatre.
I did the low end maths and found that based on a 25quid cost in a 2,000 seat threatre, with costs+tax covered she is making in profit 30k, 50 shows at that mediocre end of her business she makes 1.5 million per year, plus book sales, plus celebrity readings, plus other 1-to-1 readings £400-£500 each, for 20-30minutes. then add the money she gets for repeats of TV shows, appearances on day time TV, etc. We are talking about a quiet year for sally is earning her more than most of you will get in a life time!!! 

 video to be added on this topic soon. 

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