Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I disagree, and I could go on...

Preaching vegans on youtube annoy me and may think you can avoid them. You're wrong. Camera reviews and tutorials include them adding their politics.

I found a review of a canon I was thinking of buying, the kid called Vegan Socialist ending his review with an audio test. At this point, he got preachy and decided to say 'stop killing 150 billion animals a year, yourself and the planet'.

My thoughts are so fucking what, sure you can cut production of farming, you can make it more humane, but over farming to feed everyone with the ideal vegan diet won't save the planet either. All you'll do is drive pigs to extinction while feeling better about yourself.

The most obvious and humane food production with easy protein is to breed bugs by the 100 trillion and process them into artificial nuggets and burgers, etc. It's probably a lot easier than farming a perfect vegan diet for billions of people.

And, to troll people like this could dream up good arguments for humane cannibalism that are as morally consistent as the vegan arguments.
In any case, a radical rethink on morality would be required.

Another thought that works far better than the above ramblings is to lower meat production by the supermarket that floods their stores with cheap meat but means a vast sum of it will be wasted every day and as a result, keep the demand for meat high. Same for fast food places and many others establishments that waste huge amounts of food per year.

Lower the need or desire for meat and you may have run out of Tesco pork chops, but you'll kill fewer animals every year.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The Ideological Dream

How many so-called 'good people' were hoodwinked by National Socialism, Leninism and Stalinism, and many other cases of sociopolitical change and reform that from a selective view seemed to be a progression towards a better society?

Politics is in part about truth, however, it is as often about personal and ideological desperation as well. The Early signs from Nazism wasn't that of camps and murder, 'the Soviet project' was praised even after the bloody civil war, purges and show trials. It seems that many would rather believe in the perfect future than treat reality with the kind of harsh scepticism it deserves.

We see much the same of Islam, with many Muslims who at least don't ignore the actions of ISIS but they may quietly desire a new Muslim super-power and religious authority to usher in a new golden age of the faith. In that way, the examples of religious fundamentalism across the world are a kind of inspiration, much like many-an-old-Marxist was hopeful that the Soviet project, despite a shaky start, would offer up fruit.

You can find western communists who seem to be unable to accept the insanity of North Korea, any bad news is called capitalist propaganda, and so easily dismissed by all true communists. They, as with many Muslims, Neo-nazis and other ideological views, think we in free societies are living on borrowed time and out of the chaos, they'll bring about a better world. I can only assume that something about the idea of knowing the ultimate truth breeds arrogance and even greater credulity as they swallow lie after lie from their comrades in arms. As if their conspiratorial tones are more than musings of those who dream of their ideological victory.

It's actually odd that rather than respecting facts first, many millions of people would rather believe in the coming of their hopes by some kind of inevitable process. Instead of noting their errors and noticing the irrationality they hold dear they would rather ignore those things that may move them out of their comfort zone. I suppose I've been too narrow, and as I ponder this I can imagine this frame of mind with any number of beliefs.

In general, when reason leads you will discover, and when faith leads you will make excuses.