Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Muhammad And Islam in a nutshell - My Basic View Of The Prophet Muhammad

My Basic View Of The Prophet Muhammad  

A merchant who had an epileptic event, and other events that followed, that he claimed were divine messages or visitation, he used, and misused this 'gift', as a prophet for his own profit, and after his death the religion was formalised.  The Koran over a decade after Muhamad's death, the Hadiths two centuries later, both purged rival texts, both were subjective, and far from divine, and slanted with the politics of the eras involved.  Meaning that even if Muhammad was a prophet, his work was lost, the Koran isn't divine, and the Hadith is a joke of collected stories from over two centuries after Muhammad died.  

All to often the idea of Islamophobia is used to silence real critique?

Not just used by fascists, yet very easy for extremists to use to scare off critics, and progressives to use to dismiss critics as bigots and racists!

Muslim Moronic Statements + the drink

This kind of pathetic comment is all too common, ignorance and rhetoric from a person who should know better.  

See the video about Muhammad and Islam, in which the great drinker and think, the Hitch, refutes the cult of Islam.