Saturday, 27 October 2012

prometheus conspiracy theory

my video gave my point of view in general, it seems that there are many related conspiracies like this,
the idea that films are so meaningful to an ancient alien theory, or nibiru, a conspiracy, or something else, anything really, religious fundies think the message is Satanic, others say it is antichristian or whatever, it's just nutcases who want to see a pattern and they manifest it by their belief in it's existence.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

the spiritual delusion, a human experience.

It is often said that there is a need to have spirituality to feel whole in your life and who you are,
but is this the case?  And who says this?  And why?  A Few Thoughts. 

The deep believer in a spirituality, whether as organised religion or not, like to think THEY are correct in what they have faith in, they have magical thinking from head to toe, they cannot imagine
a life free of god, gods, or whatever superstition they happen to believe in.  Now, it's ok to have a faith, and it's ok to think as you will, or say much of what you wish, however, the ignorance of many superstitious people makes them think they are helping by trying to impose a spiritual dimension, whether as a conversion to a belief system or just saying magic is real.  I see no reason to subscribe to the ideas of spirituality, after all it's relative to each faith system or style of mystical belief, what is spirituality(?), what is deception(?), that maybe a better question, after all we can all be deceived, after years of magical thinking it's easy to be deceived, by others or yourself.  self-deception is a major factor to blind faith, obviously, the deception from others that you want to make your own, they took god into their reality, or whatever other superstition, and it worked for them, due to psychological effects from desiring the change in self, a placebo effect at the very least.  Those who feel the that spirituality in whatever form is needed for wholeness have a perspective on life that is delusional, and so-called atheist spirituality is just positive thinking, as are other spiritualities in the end?! I guess it could be best said that spirituality is the search for a truth that feelings good or creates the best results, sadly human nature is irrational, people are easily lead towards unrealistic perspectives and prone to delusion. Sadly, so many people base their understanding on those delusions, and fail to see that it is nonsense, the idea of evil, sin, needing to stay in god's good books, it keeps the delusion largely intact, and the greater the delusion, the greater the need to keep that delusion intact, with yourself and those around you.  The preachy, the religious, the spiritual, the new ager, or whatever, they think a life without a delusion, that which they call "spirituality", is not the greater reality which they have, many think at least a person may be spiritual, 'but Atheist!!!'  as if being voodoo free makes you less than human? Not that they would usually say this, obviously!
The idea is that if we are human beings we are largely a non-physical beings, and that spiritual stuff is more important because it is not as easily damaged as the finite form, the physical body, they clearly fail to understand that the spiritual component is based on faith (and often subjective experiences), as a result it is not confirmed, and it is far more probable that they are wasting a whole load of their lives on nonsense.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

No New World order

the reason why I think there is no New World Order?


that's it!  the lack of solid proof makes it doubtful, the so-called proof of NWO or elites is subjective at best, the obvious corruption in governments around the world or playing on world events, such as wars, or historical events, that proves nothing of a new world order, at least not the one most conspiracy crazies talk about.

a great video on youtube that I think gets across the kind of logic I use.

Prometheus - 2012 movie / same universe as the Alien Films

Prometheus is not a prequel, as such, however many parts of do not fit the Alien storyline as a true prequel would do, many people have criticised it as a prequel, thus they state the criticism on foundations that are infirm.

I watched it twice at the cinema, now I have it on DVD, it is not a bad film by far, a few bits that do not fit well, and are worthy of criticism, but over all a good film, and the part two will surely answer a lot of questions, whether or not that will be the true prequel of Alien is debated on the forums.

 well worth watching, in fact watch it a few times to get the story, that would be my advice to most people who do not really get films fully for the first time of watching it.

I enjoyed the bio-weapon ideas in regards to the black oil, which develops into various other forms, and the Alien at the end was cool enough, but I wont ruin the film for those who have no watched it yet :)

TV show - Penn & Teller's Bullshit

The Tv show, that stars Penn & Teller, is a welcome light in a magical thinking world, it is far from purely rational on many issues, the pick out nuts, they are slanted, they do not explore the beliefs and ideas noted in depth, sadly.

I would say the show, Bullshit, is a great bit of fun, funny, it's witty, and well worth the watching, my favourites are those where new age nutcases say dumb things without being edited to look too silly, they, and others, believe dumb stuff, and P&T make a great show with ShowTime with that show,
although some faults are typical to any television experience.

the video above is just one example of the show pwning Bullshit!  I guess they named the show correctly since they do show how much bullshit is out there :)

Galactic Federation Of Light - New Age Bullshit

The Galactic Federation Of Light

A belief in an Alien Federation, New Age spirituality, Alien Abduction, Ascended Masters (great spiritual teachers in the afterlife), spiritual entities as guides, telepathic/psychic/spiritual powers, 2012 ascension/consciousness shift beliefs, angelic forces and archangels, and reptilian anunnaki new world order conspiracy theories.

There are a number of youtube channels and websites, and the naturally arrogance that follows forth from the die hard believers, many followers think it's real because they are new age or think UFOs must be Alien craft, sadly I can't seem to get through to the true believers, only fringe believers are open to discussion and debate.

After asking a number of the followers of the Galactic Federation Of Light I found they are very openly conspiracy theorists, they seem to have much in common with David Icke styled theories on a Reptilian New World Order, they seem to focus on the alien elements of such beliefs, and yet still often agree on 9/11 conspiracies being true to a lesser degree.

The Angelic elements to the Galactic Federation Of Light, and the New Age movement, as obvious rip-offs from ancient Jewish and Christian mythology, such ideas are largely taken from old myths and added to by modern day myth makers, new age gurus who channel more information to create a broader belief in angelic forces and related practices.

They believe in 2012 ascension concepts, that the 21st December 2012 will be a great awakening at worst, and it will be where the spiritually aware/developed ascend to a higher dimension at the best, it's a belief that has gained some following in the cultic belief of 2012, and is just as unsupported by facts as any 2012 theory/belief in a major change or doomsday.

some points on the galactic federation

I may do more about this belief in the future, as I see it this new age belief is just out there as a business in the cases of various websites that encorage donations, as well as other stuff relating to this belief, such as training, reading materials, and much more.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Introduction to Alex Jones

intro to Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a low grade radio presenter in Texas, he is well known as an outrageous conspiracy theorist, often preaching wild theories, he has many guess theorists on he's show, he has had a boom in popularity since becoming a hero of conspiracy nutcases on youtube, through the popularity he has risen to make he's business expand year on year by selling books, DVDs, and getting donations. 

Alex's beliefs stated in the past:
satanic illuminati.
new world order concepts.
HAARP technology.
global holocaust.
world war three.
controlled doomsdays.
false flag operations.
child protection agency supplying children to paedophile rapists who are bankers and world leaders. world leaders being demon worshipping Satanists.
world leaders channelling aliens, such as Tony Blair (former UK prime minister).
evolution being a scientific lie.
gay people being the effect of bio-warfare. 

And much, much more.

Alex Jones offers no proof that is in full context, usually quote mining, twisting things out of perspective, selecting facts to try to prove he's paranoia, often he states news stories, or bits of them, exaggerates them, spins ideas into them, suggesting points, while saying the news media are controlled and still using them as sources.   He just gives journalism a very bad name by being so slanted and not ground in facts.

there are many debunkers of this conspiracy theorist and he's specific theories, youtube it or google it, there are many blogs and videos on his errors and deceptions, I advise that people look into it.