Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Teal Swan Suicidal Narcissist Cult Leader?

notes on Teal, incomplete. 

Stories about miss Swan is many, not least her narcissism, and her bad days when she is on the edge of suicide, and still self harms, this is inferred by the interview conducted with former supporters, former friend of Teal, and house mates.

Some of these interviews are on youtube, and I don't say you should believe them all, be critical, but still Teal is at the very least FAR from Perfect, far from being an enlightened spiritual creature from a galaxy far far away who can help you find the greater truth.

 I think we should all ask how true a thing is, is it something you can try out and put to the test, or is it heresy to question her beliefs, will you find that your rail-roaded for asking hard questions or spotting thing that fail to make sense, or if you point out an error.  After all she acts like she is perfect, to admit error makes her physically and mentally weak, she will bitch, cry, attention whore, and exhibits many narcissist traits, but without a consultation with a serious expert we can't be sure she is a narcissist, yet we need not then ignore the facts. 

here we have a long, long interview presented by Jessica Schab, she interview Cameron, a gal we was living with Teal and her cult group.

 I dare say some of you are annoyed that I linked that video, which is actually a series of 5 videos, I don't mind that, I suspect many Tealers(Teal Fans) need to watch up and not get drawn into a cult of personality, I don't mind if you cling to beliefs and experiences as such, but we aware of those points made in that interview and many others.

I don't think she is evil, nor a great danger to many of you, yet she is a man eater, well an eater in general, encouraging a flock of friends who become followers, and she is very much into free love some reports suggest.  I doubt much of this, I doubt this civil war in the spiritual movement will mean much in the scale of things, just another loon making big bucks from mystical lies.  to be fair so was the woman in the video, Jessica Schab, but she realised she was deluded, and she wasn't a cult leader with an inner circle of devotees, yet Teal is known to have a cult personality and her cult family in her home and neighbourhood. 

I don't mind so much if Teal wakes up or not to her lies, reports of her still self-harming are interesting, her numerous bids for oblivion got her in a psycho ward for a while, that's where she put together some of her ideas about 'who she is', an alien living in human form, a human body. 
Her family never saw or heard anything of her Satanic claims, her brother is a rape councillor, her parents are educated middle-class caring people, and much of Teal insanity comes from the alleged drug and sex issues of her teen years, she even did sex work for a few years, still does from time to time, allegedly.  the claim of satanic abuse was changed over the years, she says it was pedophiles, mormon pedos, satanic child killers, the story is not clarified, and she has even made errors from time to time, not least claiming to be the poster child of satanic abuse awareness then in youtube interviews saying she doesn't want to pursue this issue anymore, she said she contacted the police at first, and her excuse for no evidence and being sent to psycho ward was that the Satanists or Mormon Paedophile-Murderers were always moving camp and they avoided lost child reports by hunting illegal immigrant children.  Odd, strange, dumb, sure all that, and best of all she claims she needed to go through it all to be the guru she is today, but if she's an alien enlightened being then WTF!  and I could go on forever, the facts are not that, and every serious common discussion ends with her fans agreeing the claims are non-falsifiable.  


  1. anyone who feels the need to photoshop faces to make them ugly is a questionable source of info in my book...

  2. This response is intended for the readers of this post, as it seems the author has already established his personal opinion on Teal.

    One of the things that I like about Teal is that she continually reminds people to set their own path and become their own gurus. This is not the teaching of a narcissist, who would demand that all must follow their hypocritical, ideological methods or perish in hell.

    She's not saying "follow me" or "send me money". She's not even built herself a church or temple in effort to continually congregate a mass following of Teal worshipers. She does have workshops, but it's not like she's telling people..."You MUST attend one of my workshops if you want to save yourself!" It's your choice to go or not, and the fact is she offers much of her teachings for free on YouTube. You don't even really need to buy her book to get the essence of what she teaches.

    Her videos aren't ever labeled "Three Steps To Finding Happiness" where the video proves to be nothing but bait to buy a book as so often happens. If that's ever a label on her video, than you can bet you'll get her 3 steps in the content.

    That brings me to the point that whatever the truth is behind Teal's past, she hasn't lied about being a sex worker (prostitute)... using her sexuality to manipulate people...using people and being imperfect. She's pretty much came right out and publically disclosed everything (both good and bad) about her own nature on YouTube via various interviews. So, the "news" brought up in this post isn't really news at all, because she's came right out and said it herself.

    In that sense, she's not a hypocrite. She acknowledges and confronts the light and dark aspects within her own character, which requires a sort-of self-recognition that a true narcissist would run away from and remain blind to.

    I don't know about you, but I'm more weary of the people that act like they have it all together... when they don't. No-one does. It's the nature of humanity to be imperfect and to battle daily with light and dark aspects within themselves. It's who we ALL are - even the author of this post.

    If Teal's teachings are helping you figure out you, than that's all that really matters. If she's not helping you, than I think she'd be the first to say move on to someone else you resonate with. "There's no right or wrong decision" as she would say.

    My goal here isn't to talk you or anyone into liking Teal Swan, but to clear-up an obviously biased misconception of who she is.

    You either do or don't like Teal, and that's entirely up to you. I think if you were to follow her in a sense of worship, as Catholics do with the pope, you'd be sorely mistaken. You'd be mistaken to do that with anyone... anyone.

    Ultimately, you have to find your own way. You have to discover and feel confident in the teachings that guide you, help you and resonate with you. No-one has the magic answer for what will help you in your life... that answer comes from within you. A teacher is only good if they can help you tap that source within you - a teacher that becomes your idol to worship isn't a teacher - they're your God. Two completely different things, and it's important for you to know the difference. That's the difference between diving head-first into a cult vs. diving head-first into your own spiritual awakening.

    1. I absolutely love Teal, she has learned and helped me so much! Thank you for taking the time to write this!

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    3. Teal's teachings are information, information is information, the information is pure, there's nothing wrong with her teachings. Follow yourself and no one else. Good. Thats a clear indicator of someone who has their head on straight.
      The thing is, over time, you realize the way in which she delivers her information, the authority she assumes, the way she knocks other spiritual leaders as not authentic, the way she gently asserts that she has extraordinary abilities, the way her blog week after week year after year is about her personal suffering and x and y is the cause of it, the way in which she evokes pity, the way she slanders and defames her ex-husband on her blog in the name of authenticity, and when he shares his side of the story on his blog then he did something horrible and vindicative and she is personally "attacked". She discourages people from seeking outside themselves, but pushes her information as if it's solely available to her. She is a hot mess. She's not a bad person, but she has a personality disorder and if you haven't experienced narcissism before you wouldn't see it because it's like an optical illusion. It was really sad when I realized this because I had invested so much faith in her, saw her as a becon of light, a breath of fresh air, a place of unconditional love. Like I said, information is information, it doesn't mean her emotional landscape reflects the information she delivers. Anyway do what you want, I'm not here to tell you to hate her, I don't, I just as of recently think that she has a toxic personality disorder and lives in somewhat of a denial. I don't want to cause her any drama or anything and I think all the anti-Teal stuff is dumb, people like Jessica mystic or whatever are just as crazy.
      Take care

  3. Teal, you need to stop calling out people who've "wronged you" and keep that shit to yourself. When you start talking shit about Sarbdeep, your "haters" (lol at that) and especially Alina, you look like trailer park trash.Alina is a professional woman educated with a MS at a top tier university. She's a program manager at a top company and has her shit together - unlike you. You never went to school and can't write a coherent thought without plagiarizing someone's work. You aren't half the woman she is. Stop exposing all the ugly details of Ale's divorce all over the internet. It's none of your God damned business. You're in a relationship with a married man and what did you expect would happen? You behave like a cult leader manipulating your brainwashed fans and expect them to go out and cyber bullying those who've "wronged you". Grow the fuck up. Get a real job and stop acting like some armchair psychologist / YouTube guru. You know damn well you and Ale will end up like you and Sarbdeep because you don't have your shit together. Why your dumb ass rich boyfriend left his successful wife and kids for you should be a clear indicator of what type of person he is. Who the fuck walks out on their wife and kids? Oh, I guess he must be a vibrational match to you. Lmao.If the entire world is against you, rest assured it's you... not everyone else. You are a hot mess, falling apart in every way and blame everyone else for your inability to get your shit together. Like many people who don't have their shit together, you had a son and aren't with his father. Way to set an example. Are you gonna get knocked up by Ale so that your rich, married boyfriend sets you up financially for life? You certainly alluded to that in your blog. Just follow your doctor's advice and get a hysterectomy already. The world doesn't need you to breed any more.For all the shit you talk about your parents... Yeah, you are right they failed. Your parents did fail at something - raising you and teaching you how to grow the fuck up into a responsible human being.Way to go! You are an inspiration for all... not.

  4. We are also not a fan of Teal Swan. Here is a video reply exposing her lack of spiritual understanding and experience in the field of relationships: https://youtu.be/jQXO3fdaK6I

  5. We are also not a fan of Teal Swan. Here is a video reply exposing her lack of spiritual understanding and experience in the field of relationships: https://youtu.be/jQXO3fdaK6I

  6. To 948a... Just-a-number. Wow. You are saying "lol" to the word 'haters', yet you are the prime example of what a hater is. Not stating facts... abusive hate speach. Well done for discreding YOUR SELF.

  7. I think teal is a cult as well, she would never admit it but that's what cults do.Initially I thought she was full of sound advice but something just felt off about her.I realised she was copying/plagiarising other peoples work that why it seemed familiar and then passing it off as her own.However what is worst, she claims she is a self proclaimed enlightened guru.That is a very dangerous thing to do,especially if you have a following.The irony is the more she talks, the less congruent she is with her ideas,its a mess.Can you help people who are committed to being duped,i'm not sure? Being spiritual doesn't mean being naive.