Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Teal Swan Suicidal Narcissist Cult Leader?

notes on Teal, incomplete. 

Stories about miss Swan is many, not least her narcissism, and her bad days when she is on the edge of suicide, and still self harms, this is inferred by the interview conducted with former supporters, former friend of Teal, and house mates.

Some of these interviews are on youtube, and I don't say you should believe them all, be critical, but still Teal is at the very least FAR from Perfect, far from being an enlightened spiritual creature from a galaxy far far away who can help you find the greater truth.

 I think we should all ask how true a thing is, is it something you can try out and put to the test, or is it heresy to question her beliefs, will you find that your rail-roaded for asking hard questions or spotting thing that fail to make sense, or if you point out an error.  After all she acts like she is perfect, to admit error makes her physically and mentally weak, she will bitch, cry, attention whore, and exhibits many narcissist traits, but without a consultation with a serious expert we can't be sure she is a narcissist, yet we need not then ignore the facts. 

here we have a long, long interview presented by Jessica Schab, she interview Cameron, a gal we was living with Teal and her cult group.

 I dare say some of you are annoyed that I linked that video, which is actually a series of 5 videos, I don't mind that, I suspect many Tealers(Teal Fans) need to watch up and not get drawn into a cult of personality, I don't mind if you cling to beliefs and experiences as such, but we aware of those points made in that interview and many others.

I don't think she is evil, nor a great danger to many of you, yet she is a man eater, well an eater in general, encouraging a flock of friends who become followers, and she is very much into free love some reports suggest.  I doubt much of this, I doubt this civil war in the spiritual movement will mean much in the scale of things, just another loon making big bucks from mystical lies.  to be fair so was the woman in the video, Jessica Schab, but she realised she was deluded, and she wasn't a cult leader with an inner circle of devotees, yet Teal is known to have a cult personality and her cult family in her home and neighbourhood. 

I don't mind so much if Teal wakes up or not to her lies, reports of her still self-harming are interesting, her numerous bids for oblivion got her in a psycho ward for a while, that's where she put together some of her ideas about 'who she is', an alien living in human form, a human body. 
Her family never saw or heard anything of her Satanic claims, her brother is a rape councillor, her parents are educated middle-class caring people, and much of Teal insanity comes from the alleged drug and sex issues of her teen years, she even did sex work for a few years, still does from time to time, allegedly.  the claim of satanic abuse was changed over the years, she says it was pedophiles, mormon pedos, satanic child killers, the story is not clarified, and she has even made errors from time to time, not least claiming to be the poster child of satanic abuse awareness then in youtube interviews saying she doesn't want to pursue this issue anymore, she said she contacted the police at first, and her excuse for no evidence and being sent to psycho ward was that the Satanists or Mormon Paedophile-Murderers were always moving camp and they avoided lost child reports by hunting illegal immigrant children.  Odd, strange, dumb, sure all that, and best of all she claims she needed to go through it all to be the guru she is today, but if she's an alien enlightened being then WTF!  and I could go on forever, the facts are not that, and every serious common discussion ends with her fans agreeing the claims are non-falsifiable.  

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