Tuesday, 15 July 2014

why do mild videos get taken down? [since this blog it has be reinstated]

my video that was false DMCA'd is on another channel and will be back soon

now this is very clear, mild mannered, fair, and even critical of eckhart tolle's critics, such as crazy fundies, so what was the reason for it to be taken down by a copyright notice?

maybe his neo-lama-ness had an issue with showing on the video the price tag for his spiritual truths? as in the fact that it costs a bomb to buy into a retreat?

 the message is easy to understand, and it's that they get flag happy on content that is critical, considering others who support eckhart and mirror videos of his get no copyright claims against then, connection?

so yes, i have to get a bit vendetta on Eckhart's ass, but it's worth doing for the sake of free speech.

reality bites if you try to fcuk with my liberties!

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