Sunday, 13 July 2014

Psychic/Mediumistic Proof ?!?!?!

What is any psychic/mediumistic worth, the faithful seem very poor in their skill, the tricksters can out do them, the rare cases of the objectively amazing seem so rare that it is less than chance, which says a whole lot.
I would guess that the read of this may have seen a psychic, or some other reader, who taps into a higher source or power, so it must be up to you on that personal level, how you have come to feel about your experiences, yet the subjective world can miss the reality as they focus on one region of it.

Many years past since I was a trainee medium, having gone to many workshops, having spent hundreds of hours meditating over the course of years, my faith was mighty, let if i was to not focus on the parts that i could take from others, or that others could take from me, in readings/communication, I found it was as holy as I had believed.  I had seen over the years many mediums work from stages and many more in spiritualist churches, as well as visiting psychics and new age teachers, and the best ones were showmen(or show-women), they had not power to impress but spoke well and with a skill, they offered no clear information, yet out of the general ideas expressed they made it fit with a charismatic abilities.

I have often lacked such skills, and my depressive feeling were made worse during my various periods of religious faith throughout my life, I found I could give good bits from time to time, but it was usually very general, this kept me in my belief, even though over time this seen through.  I could imagine much, and when influenced these imagined ideas seems so real, crystals, chakras, healing, spiritual guides and ETs, and hauntings, how odd it all seems to me now looking back, faith in god and all maybes, gifts from above which were just illusions of truth.

The "evidence" I could offer was stuff like saying 'Thomas' 'Cook' to an old lady who know a Thomas who was a chef/cook, or in another case saying I get 'b', and 'it feels like aunt, to which the sitter said (during in a meditation class) that her aunt was called Be, short for Beatrice, but everyone called her Auntie B.  Now, I dare not say this is proof, not that I often gave this out, nor that most mediums do, but it sounds clever, if very limited.  In actual fact, now that I ponder such things, I notice it is how I told to give things, a name and connection technique that I was once told how to do in a spiritualist church just outside of Birmingham, to get a name of the "spirit", and then how they link to the sitter(the person being read/having message from spirits).  It is in fact a good trick, you learn from other faith spiritualists that a spirit will come close, your to try to sense who it is, ask for a name, and how they link in to that persons life, so most people give common names and common links, statistically it's easy to get hits.

The tricks of the trade are told to the believers as tools for truth, not as contricks, and yet they are just that, I was told how to imagine a person in mind in very, very general terms, believe it was real, and accept it was real, and pass on this imagined information to another person as from the otherside.  I over simplify, in essence what I am saying is that the tricks to see or sense ghosts are, well, tricks, and not objective experiences of truth, after getting over some bad times in my life I began to wake up to how it was false, it was a slow realisation in the final few years of my time in spiritualism, until I realised that it was not right for me. 

When a medium tells you something you may finds it fits somewhat, in some way, or ways, but is it proof that a spirit is in the room, or in some way in touch of with the medium, or even that it's mind reading, all you have is a hand full of mildly true things, information often without full context, if any, and your expected to find the connections.  A medium or psychic will often throw out generality that fits most of us, if it was more general they would just say you were born and drink water, but to look at an old woman and say I sense mother is almost sure to hit.

The psychics and Mediums really seem to love giving out Barnum statements, the general statements that fit most of us, and you can always make it fit if you fail, a good example was a fat mediums call Sandra, she operated locally to me, he trick at the start of a show was to say a person lost to every audience member. It worked like this, she would just do a service in a spiritualist church, start with a hymn, prayer, ect.  To start he work she would just say what she thought people lost by doing each row, an old lady would get mother, a young lady grandmother, and if you disagree then she would just go back a generation, so if grandmother was not yet dead then she would say it must be great grandmother, after twenty or so people in a small church had this she would move on to doing readings for a few individuals.  Her technique was clearly not magical, just judging each person by age and doing an educated guess, so she was ether a cheap fraud making her living off cheap tricks, or alternatively deluded that this act was in anyway convincing.

I have had many such experiences with mediums, where they use contricks like they work, and as i say i was once fooled by this fraudulent level of reasoning, I, like many, got into Spiritualism, Psychics, and New Age after rejecting religion in general, yet not moving beyond the ignorance that my wishful/magical thinking flourished in.  I was a fool, and this I accept, and to be stupid at one point of your life hold no shame, just as long as you realise the error in your ways as you learn from the mistake, I learnt over the last five years that there is much more in philosophy that religion, that there is more in the cosmos than a psychic could dream up if sat at a typewriter for all eternity.

Final thought, an open mind in all things is good and well, yet to find out if a thing is factually true reasoning must be applied to work out if a thing is as believed or if reality is more than wishful delusions. 

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