Sunday, 13 July 2014

Robert W Lester & fake New Age Dr racket? (LOL)

Fake PhD or other fake or non-value qualifications are just a covering for bullshit salesmen, from New Age nutjobs to Young Earth Creationists who use a doctrine from a diploma mill to spread ignorance that poisons future generations. 

I notice most new age gurus and spiritual teachers have some nonsense qualification, and Doree Virtue, an angel nut, she has a fake PhD, so would it give my reasoned criticism of this people to buy a fake qualification too?  No!  the fact is, even though it sounds cool, Doctor Lester has not come into being, nor will.  I see no value in the quacks fake qualifications, and I, and other critics of new age, would rather be an ill-educated freethinker than a fake educated arrogant fraud, as many New Age kingpins are just conmen who make many thousands every year, or in the case of the famous ones it's millions.

Fake Doctorate Blogspot

Anyone can buy a fake PhD, and that Doctor of philosophy stamp mark may look good on a book cover, yet if you claims are on the multi-verse, quantum mechanics,and other advanced scientific issues then you can take you PhD and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.  How often may you find with a quick bing or google search another new age yahoo saying they can cure all ills with energy and that they can be trusted because they spent a few years getting a sociology degree, odd how some Medical Doctors claim similar things, yet are just general practitioners, not specialists, and often make claims beyond their expertise.  so it's a problem of fake degrees and those qualifications that are not relevant, but it all comes down to arguments from authority, trust me I am a doctor. ;)

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