Monday, 21 July 2014

The cure to ignorance is good information, even for conspiracy theorists?

I often speak to a friend who is a very devout JFK conspiracy theorist, he believes in it, he happens to be a big Bill Hicks fan, also a guy with facebook pals who are conspiracy fear monger, not that he believes all he hears.  he said he did not want a debate about JFK, my response was fine, But.
The But is 'which way did kennedy's brain matter splatter?'

He wasn't sure, but it was a gotta ya moment, and if you look at the footage the burst of Kennedy's brain material being forward, NOT BACK, is evident of a shot from the rear, not the foreground, not the famed grassy knoll.  I know I am far the first skeptic to say this, but most conspiracy theories are hinged on ideas and arguments, not serious facts.
I even joked with another friend, a friend I helped out of New Age last year, that maybe JFK was killed by a cop, who may have been an invisible gun man, since no one noticed.

P.S. I love some of the work of Bill Hicks, but if there is a heaven he is chatting to Kennedy saying are you sure it wasn't a magic bullet.

Bill Hicks on JFK, funny, but some more anarchic mates of mine take this view like it's totally true.

Keep it real, look up the facts, and if it's your cup of tea, go look at Penn & Teller's Bullshit, o the Conspiracy Theories episode they tested out this...

don't run on auto.

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