Monday, 14 July 2014

Ackhart Tolle' Power is Now my own! False DMCA-er on behalf of Eckhart Tolle hits Robertwlester Video 14th july 2014

so I made a mild mannered video on the spiritual teacher called Eckhart, this I will show you, but presently it is not viewable due to a false copyright claim, and on my birthday, july 14th, what a pisser ;)


so the claim against me was i used material that was copyrighted and so a claim was thrust upon me, yet the elementary error was to assume that any material no matter how small was worth filing a copyright claim over, and obviously the fact that my video had the exposure of Eckhart's teachings are a cheap philosophy freak show had no baring. ;)  I could have simply quit the debate of fair use by not doing a new video or not countering the claim, but instead I chose to stand up for the right to criticise and use limited material under fair use, so where's my medal? ;)

don't get me wrong, i do not want flame wars like i had in 2010-2012 with selfhelp false flaggers and false dmca-ers, but if you bring it to the party then expect responses.

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