Sunday, 13 July 2014

Extremism being criticised by UK Muslims is good?

so many UK Muslims have been radicalised beyond usual levels within Islam, some by extremist preachers who may be in the UK for one reason, dominion, and others, probably most, by internet radicalization.  How many in all, no one can be 100% sure, many are fooled by half truths, selected arguments, arguments from authority, which guides them to do crazy things, like go to war in a war they know little about and may become stuck in, unless they die first.  Sadly it's easy for some Muslim preachers to radicalise young men to stand against the foe, the enemy at the gates, these internet extremists and those who radicalise young men in some UK mosques are cult leaders, but the traditions of Islam make calling them out a very dangerous move and not part of the faith in most cases. 

Thankfully some UK Muslims do speak out, and Imams are speaking out too, letting the Muslim community hear a sane voice, and letting us all know that we are not dealing with silence that may as well be silent agreement with extremists.

Sadly, I large percentage of Muslims are conspiracy theorists, they watch the videos I criticise, the crazy ones that say Satan rules the earth, and unlike me they don't laugh at them, no wonder when Imams often remind Muslims of god's laws, Satanic deceptions all around us, and many other aspects that the extremists have used to turn Muslims away from integration and liberalisation of their communities.  I don't like to be the one who rain on this parade, but you have to admit this issue is much larger than two sides, many poor Muslims may feel an axe to grind against the man, much as many black people have in the past, but if someone tells you the man to hate then it's gone from frustration to irrational hatred.

So it is good to agree that Muslim Criticism of Muslim extremism is helpful, but this issue goes deep into Muslim communities and the religion of Islam. 


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