Thursday, 17 July 2014

New Age ATLANTIS NEVER EXISTED - a few thoughts

All the evidence as we know is that not place called by that name or fits the legends/myths ever existed, so as an Atheist has a lack of belief in a god, I would be "Aatlantist"?!?!

The roots of myths, a starting point that fits somewhat a tale is not proof for any of the claims other than similarity, sadly New Agers can't seem to understand that point, to them if Minoa was the root of Atlantian legends then it proves Atlantis and what their spirit guides were right.  facepalm.

The best evidence for a lost cultures, some on islands, is not evidence for the esoteric myths made up by mystics who thought they were channelling ancient beings who knew about this lost civilisation.
The facts pan out the logic that the Atlantian myth of a vast land mass that sank is simply nonsense, the fact the experts seem to disagree says a lot, the fact that some say south on India, some say east of America, others say Antarctica, and NONE of them have provided scientific evidence for such reasons to assume ancient Egyptians heard of them to pass on to the Greeks as legends that were possibility translated very poorly, and seem to speak of one or more smaller disasters in the eastern Mediterranean.

So in my humble way, I only wish to add, in this short blog, which made be extended, that if a New Age Atlantis had existed it is not evident, and it's legend is based on the Culture of New Age and Not the facts of Archaeology or any discipline regarding the possible history of an Atlantis-like civilisation or land-mass.

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