Friday, 19 October 2012

Introduction to Alex Jones

intro to Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a low grade radio presenter in Texas, he is well known as an outrageous conspiracy theorist, often preaching wild theories, he has many guess theorists on he's show, he has had a boom in popularity since becoming a hero of conspiracy nutcases on youtube, through the popularity he has risen to make he's business expand year on year by selling books, DVDs, and getting donations. 

Alex's beliefs stated in the past:
satanic illuminati.
new world order concepts.
HAARP technology.
global holocaust.
world war three.
controlled doomsdays.
false flag operations.
child protection agency supplying children to paedophile rapists who are bankers and world leaders. world leaders being demon worshipping Satanists.
world leaders channelling aliens, such as Tony Blair (former UK prime minister).
evolution being a scientific lie.
gay people being the effect of bio-warfare. 

And much, much more.

Alex Jones offers no proof that is in full context, usually quote mining, twisting things out of perspective, selecting facts to try to prove he's paranoia, often he states news stories, or bits of them, exaggerates them, spins ideas into them, suggesting points, while saying the news media are controlled and still using them as sources.   He just gives journalism a very bad name by being so slanted and not ground in facts.

there are many debunkers of this conspiracy theorist and he's specific theories, youtube it or google it, there are many blogs and videos on his errors and deceptions, I advise that people look into it.

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