Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light - New Age Bullshit

The Galactic Federation Of Light

A belief in an Alien Federation, New Age spirituality, Alien Abduction, Ascended Masters (great spiritual teachers in the afterlife), spiritual entities as guides, telepathic/psychic/spiritual powers, 2012 ascension/consciousness shift beliefs, angelic forces and archangels, and reptilian anunnaki new world order conspiracy theories.

There are a number of youtube channels and websites, and the naturally arrogance that follows forth from the die hard believers, many followers think it's real because they are new age or think UFOs must be Alien craft, sadly I can't seem to get through to the true believers, only fringe believers are open to discussion and debate.

After asking a number of the followers of the Galactic Federation Of Light I found they are very openly conspiracy theorists, they seem to have much in common with David Icke styled theories on a Reptilian New World Order, they seem to focus on the alien elements of such beliefs, and yet still often agree on 9/11 conspiracies being true to a lesser degree.

The Angelic elements to the Galactic Federation Of Light, and the New Age movement, as obvious rip-offs from ancient Jewish and Christian mythology, such ideas are largely taken from old myths and added to by modern day myth makers, new age gurus who channel more information to create a broader belief in angelic forces and related practices.

They believe in 2012 ascension concepts, that the 21st December 2012 will be a great awakening at worst, and it will be where the spiritually aware/developed ascend to a higher dimension at the best, it's a belief that has gained some following in the cultic belief of 2012, and is just as unsupported by facts as any 2012 theory/belief in a major change or doomsday.

some points on the galactic federation

I may do more about this belief in the future, as I see it this new age belief is just out there as a business in the cases of various websites that encorage donations, as well as other stuff relating to this belief, such as training, reading materials, and much more.

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