Thursday, 25 October 2012

the spiritual delusion, a human experience.

It is often said that there is a need to have spirituality to feel whole in your life and who you are,
but is this the case?  And who says this?  And why?  A Few Thoughts. 

The deep believer in a spirituality, whether as organised religion or not, like to think THEY are correct in what they have faith in, they have magical thinking from head to toe, they cannot imagine
a life free of god, gods, or whatever superstition they happen to believe in.  Now, it's ok to have a faith, and it's ok to think as you will, or say much of what you wish, however, the ignorance of many superstitious people makes them think they are helping by trying to impose a spiritual dimension, whether as a conversion to a belief system or just saying magic is real.  I see no reason to subscribe to the ideas of spirituality, after all it's relative to each faith system or style of mystical belief, what is spirituality(?), what is deception(?), that maybe a better question, after all we can all be deceived, after years of magical thinking it's easy to be deceived, by others or yourself.  self-deception is a major factor to blind faith, obviously, the deception from others that you want to make your own, they took god into their reality, or whatever other superstition, and it worked for them, due to psychological effects from desiring the change in self, a placebo effect at the very least.  Those who feel the that spirituality in whatever form is needed for wholeness have a perspective on life that is delusional, and so-called atheist spirituality is just positive thinking, as are other spiritualities in the end?! I guess it could be best said that spirituality is the search for a truth that feelings good or creates the best results, sadly human nature is irrational, people are easily lead towards unrealistic perspectives and prone to delusion. Sadly, so many people base their understanding on those delusions, and fail to see that it is nonsense, the idea of evil, sin, needing to stay in god's good books, it keeps the delusion largely intact, and the greater the delusion, the greater the need to keep that delusion intact, with yourself and those around you.  The preachy, the religious, the spiritual, the new ager, or whatever, they think a life without a delusion, that which they call "spirituality", is not the greater reality which they have, many think at least a person may be spiritual, 'but Atheist!!!'  as if being voodoo free makes you less than human? Not that they would usually say this, obviously!
The idea is that if we are human beings we are largely a non-physical beings, and that spiritual stuff is more important because it is not as easily damaged as the finite form, the physical body, they clearly fail to understand that the spiritual component is based on faith (and often subjective experiences), as a result it is not confirmed, and it is far more probable that they are wasting a whole load of their lives on nonsense.

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