Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Prometheus - 2012 movie / same universe as the Alien Films

Prometheus is not a prequel, as such, however many parts of do not fit the Alien storyline as a true prequel would do, many people have criticised it as a prequel, thus they state the criticism on foundations that are infirm.

I watched it twice at the cinema, now I have it on DVD, it is not a bad film by far, a few bits that do not fit well, and are worthy of criticism, but over all a good film, and the part two will surely answer a lot of questions, whether or not that will be the true prequel of Alien is debated on the forums.

 well worth watching, in fact watch it a few times to get the story, that would be my advice to most people who do not really get films fully for the first time of watching it.

I enjoyed the bio-weapon ideas in regards to the black oil, which develops into various other forms, and the Alien at the end was cool enough, but I wont ruin the film for those who have no watched it yet :)

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