Tuesday, 15 November 2011

just a few thoughts on desteni cult

just a few thoughts on desteni cult

desteni believes in reptilians as a real concept, although they may try to hide this from you or evade talk on the matter, broadly speaking it is the same as the new age paranoid conspiracies on reptilians that David Icke spouts in regard to new world order. 

desteni has a new twist, they are in contact with reptilians, not original i admit, but interesting as a shift from the work of David Icke.

destonians, aka destenians, are often not keen to debate theories on reptilians due to the nature of the issue, this is not due to the usual lack of care for the topic, but instead their realisation that they cannot forward the issue of reptilians and they cannot disregard it as its part of the desteni cult belief,
they are stuck in a bit of a pickle.

destonians don't mind lying to you if it means they can get away with it, in regards to various issues desteni members and friends will out right lie to win a debate or to make a point, but if its not fact or honest its just trolling people in the end.

if they follow desteni then they are following Sunettes example, as Sunette is this portal for the dimensions and she channelled reptilians and various other entities destonians must except new age beliefs