Friday, 27 February 2015

new laptop, but...

A new one, well yes, and to cut a long story short it's not new, it's used, but good.  used to belong to a businessman, even though it's high spec.  so it works great.

Good processor, graphics card, 8gb ram, the only drawback is the sound, one of those cinematic sound set ups, the result being it's not perfect sound, or not like my other laptop, and i'll get used to it, already added most programs I want.

After getting it, I realised it needed a password, the guy who owned it had no reset it, so he ended up emailing me, after i asked him, the password.  lucky for him I didn't raid his email, since windows 8.1 was set up with his email account.  thankfully i'm not a scambag, but suspect it would have been his work email anyway, or some old one.

Anyway, I got this gaming laptop,even though not high end gaming laptop, for a small amount compared to buying a new one, kind of obvious.

Seems like he left evidence of his porn collection, he deleted the files, but failed to delete the names of the folders that can still be found, such as ones with names that suggest they were porn.  LOL.

oh well, it's worked, and I hope this laptop with be good for future editing of videos for youtube. 

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