Saturday, 14 February 2015

Islamophobia or just a honest way of expressing doubts in regards to Islam?

Doubters, Critics, Sceptics, it's fine, as long as your not just an ignorant clown who expresses hatred then so what?!  sound criticism of any belief, any person alive or dead, any so-called holy figure or book, or anything is OK, but as reasoned people it should be a rational response, as with much of the work of Christopher Hitchens.  Yet, what we find with some people on the left of politics is this idea of labelling anyone who critiques Islam a bigot, closet racist, etc.  Surely these people need to learn the difference between the informed intellectuals and the irrational fear-mongers, or else face ridicles on a vast stale!  Whether your atheistic or not is not the issue, the concern is that as a critic you are lightly to fall into this camps, one that is able to learn, able to progress, and the other which is dogmatic, the dogmatists include religious fanatics and the fuellers of race hatred.  I don't know about you, but I believe that dogma is the great foe of progress, I consider Christopher Hitchens(1949-2011) to be one who was not the enemy of civilisation.  I don't think Islam is our wholesale foe, if anything we have many foes within the Muslim world, and most of them hate each others guts about as much as they take offence to liberal western culture.  Moderate Muslims do exist, but most are traditionalist, which means they are fundamentalists, of a kind, and yet, are not probable to raise a sword to fight for the extremists, so rather than judging all Muslims as the same, like some people do, we should be educated upon the matter, and clear, as we question the values of this religion.  Islam doesn't deserve privileged more than any other belief, ad if possible the separation of Church and State should be promoted, the fairness of governance by impartial, honourable people.  And, we should not prevent Muslims from expressing themselves within our society, as long as this expression fits within the laws and guidelines of our society. 

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