Thursday, 12 February 2015

I am sociopath? Traits of a sociopath?

I don't consider myself a sociopath, but then again, who would?!  I guess the real issue is are your personality traits fitting, by definition, to such traits, it's worth noting if these traits are true to you, they are not in lightly to be the extreme, and we all have traits we may think are somewhat like that of the stereotype sociopath.   

the basic list.
• Lack of empathy
• Cold, calculating nature
• Shallow emotions
• Narcissism
• Grandiose self image
• Charming
• High IQ
• Manipulative
• Secretive
• Sexually deviant
• Sensitive to criticism
• Paranoid
• Despotic/Authoritarian
• Lawfulness
• Low tolerance for boredom
• Impulsive behaviour
• Compulsive lying
• 'In childhood sociopaths will likely pulling the wings off of flies etc, bed wetting, and pyromania.

note that most of these are so common in small amounts that we could all be mildly exhibiting such traits.  don't become a pseudo-psychologist. 

for the full list please use this link

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