Friday, 6 February 2015

I am nothing and no one?

A youtuber, Felinoid, came up with this, or at least the usage of it that I'm aware of, he may have hijacked or borrowed it, but it's the humble stance for a youtube vlogger. 

How best to say something to the effect of 'I am not trying to own you or fuel my ego with this opinion'?  Maybe, just maybe, we need a nice thing to say to put people at rest, then, when all that is done, we can start making clear points on a topic without baggage. 

Offence, well it will forever come up, those who wish to take offence will regardless of the meekness of the vlogger responding to a point they wish to discuss. 

To say 'I am nothing' is not to literal, it's a humble statement, to say 'and no one' continues the narrative, the point equals I am not here for myself, not for my goals, I am here to express a point from my own limited perspective.  Maybe we should all have such honourable states of mind to our interactions, cutting free baggage, and the true discussions can take place. 

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