Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Testing Psychics With Haunted Box? - RobertWLester

how could I test a psychic?  what do many claim?  the skill to read people and even objects, to commune with spirits and angelic or guardian guiding entities.
so an idea came to mind after seeming so-called haunted objects on ebay and other websites, no evidence is in place, no tests, just stories, hearsay about accidents and other nonsenses.
And out of the ocean of irrationality the thought of using such a box was spawned.

Obviously such memorabilia is costly, so easier to get an old and cheaper box and make up a story, indeed seemingly this is what the sellers of such nonsense actually do, so if I were to use such a box could I fool a psychic or two?

 this box is the chosen item for such a pseudo-test, where I may take it to a psychic and get a reading, for less than £35, and get this person to do a reading upon this box.  The box would be noted as haunted by me, and if pressed I will offer more hearsay to the pile, the idea that the previous owners have suffered bad events that range from sleeplessness to a car crash, but these ideas wont be leaked unless they ask leading questions.  The idea is to get them to spin what I seem to believe even though it is fiction, logically cold readers will feed off this hearsay, the true psychic, if they were to exist, would know this is not so, and tell me another story all together. 

 naturally it is not easy to get thirty minute of a reading on a box, so I'll get information for me too, and in one or two I will act another way, in majority of cases I will be honest, except in the case of the box, which, as previously stated, will be described as haunted and from an ebay seller. 

Surely if a person were psychic this would be obviously
not haunted at all.

I have taken it to a psychics who said nothing of it being haunted, but I did not leak the fiction in that case. 

it is old, partly restored, and looks the part of an old haunted box.

the story is that previous owners had problems, the details are on my youtube channel, totally fake, but will psychics believe it. 
 naturally in the trial run of a reading the psychic claimed it was linked to my grandfather after I had already leak this fictional idea, seemingly this psychic and medium was communicating with my grandmother but described her wrong and got almost every detail incorrect. 

simply put this project should be interesting and results will be on my youtube channel, shared on twitter and here on this blog.  

look up my youtube

you'll find my work online under the name robertwlester or roblesterfilms. 

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