Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Psychic Sally Morgan over exposed?

In my last 5 years of criticism of psychics I have come up against many quacks, and one of my favourites is a woman who cut down on the extra pounds with surgery, but how she funded such costly operations was by just chatting to the dead.  How easy it must be, surely ask were they hid their jewels and you need never work again, or if your psychic who not get the lotto numbers on a big roll-over draw, but obvious psychics do not work in this way.  Sally claims to have the loved ones of the living come through from the afterlife to give loving messages of hope to the audiences of large theatres, and out of a room of 1 to 4 thousand people Sally may give ten people messages, what a skill she has!  And considering her shows are mostly her stretching out her work is it any wonder that she gets some serious critics within the psychic industry and the religion of Spiritualism.  Many Spiritualists find Sally in person is not anywhere near as gifted as they see on TV, if they were to accept the TV series,"Sally Morgan on the road", as evidence for an afterlife, then seeing her in person on stage may well rush them towards agnosticism.  A number of close friends of mine and two family members have given good ol' Sal a go, they thought she was very poor, the people seeing her were believers, and still are, and yet the experience shook their faith in some kind of mediumship ability, maybe the skills of Sal are not as advertised.  

Maybe it is worth pointing out the fact that Sal has lied on a number of occasions, such as a claim of working with Sir. Bob Geldof, which she had to withdraw from a statement due to Bob's people not taking kindly to this mistaken claim.  There are other such statements and errors made, maybe one of the worst things is the abuse of the idea of princess Diana, after all Sally raised he formerly-chunky form up the Z-list Celebrity ranking by whoring out the idea that she did readings for the Late, Great Lady Diana.  The leap in ol' Sally's career was majority due to a controversial book written about Di coming back from the afterlife to communicate with Psi-Sally, naturally No series revelations were expressed, just the obvious marketing scheme to ensure exposure.  She had a following before, yet after this and other things to launch her Psychic Career, she now has a wide following, millions made in TV deals, travels across the world, meets some quite famous people, and makes good sales on books detailing her experiences, and as a result of this business, which includes regular theatre events, she makes large sums of money.  Even after the blood sucking tax men have their share.

Interesting side note, Sally charges many times more than the normal rate for her readings, yet calls it a gift, I'm not sure if it's irony or hypocrisy, or a more complex breed of bullshit. More recent information from her website confirms she no longer does 1-2-1 readings, well unless your a rich TV star who needs a reading for hundreds of pounds, Sal now advises you got to her website psychics, she has a number of psychics on the pay roll who will supply readings for 1.50p/m, and Sally get a nice cut.  So unless your willing to get a reading in a stage event, which is doubtful, or personally contacts sally or a celebrity who can get you a 1-2-1.  Then you stuck with a bunch of moon lighting dinner-ladies who will serve you up a load of cheap nonsense after serving up another lot of cheapness to your children in a school hall.  I'm kidding, I'm sure they all have a Stanford PhD in spoon bending or something to suggest they aren't just cold readers, except they usually don't have any real qualifications and very few skills.  Speaking of which Sal has been said to have the paranormal by the Stanford institute, the same place which said Uri Gellar was real in the 1970s, and yes they are not part of that famous place of learning by the same name.  

The crazy thing with ol' sally is how she claims she never used an ear piece, doing a Peter Popoff, many say being fed information by someone who researches a few audience members to make a few impressive hits to not look to poor at what she does.  Truth is when you buy a trick they have your name and location, typically your address, they can research you, there are specialist programs to grab private data on you, track your activities, and even though costly services these tools can be used and covered by costs.  Sally claimed she did not use an ear piece, clearly in the images capture from the Bio channel she does wear one, a microphone with ear hook on one side, an earpiece with the other ear, but even if there was no earpiece news at all she could do almost as well by just throwing out cold readings.  When you have knowledge prior to the reading it's called Hot Reading, you can avoid the cold reading guesses and just give the researched data in a theatrical way.  Sally seems to do this too well for her own good?  One report from people over in the Republic of Ireland was of a theatre in Dublin, the audience were enjoying the show, but in the second half a window to the rear of the theatre room was left open, a number of people head in another voice the words sally was saying but a moment before her, as if she was being told what to say.  If you dismiss such claims you dismiss the people of Dublin who are real world witnesses to the trickery.  This event and story ballooned into a news media fest, and tabloid trash rags like the daily mail as usual went too far with their edits to make a good selling story, so Sal took the Mail to court, and won a big pay out over £100,000, and other pay outs were settled out of court, total sum may have been much higher.  The problem was not the idea that it could be tricks, it was a technicality on the use of language in a few article headings, including a Mail headline saying "SCAM", this was a bad move maybe pushed by editors who wanted a bigger sell story, and it back fired.  Yet, let us not be told she "never"used an ear piece, nor should we hear that Sally must be real if she beat a tabloid paper in court, and please lets not fall victim to the idea that sceptics are just closed-minded. 

The simple truth is there are believers who buy into mediumship and other relating ideas, they are credulous, not idiots, and the fraudsters take advantage, and get rich, they use obvious tricks and can't work in controlled conditions, they call critics closed-minded and say acceptance is open-minded, they say belief and experience is evidence and call science closed-minded for being critical, and to many people what was the religious impulse has a new age. 

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