Wednesday, 3 December 2014

response to (moronic response girl) KristiThinks on #NoThanksObama

  This girl may look OK, but is just another ill-informed girl who needs to think before she makes an ass of herself. 

my comment under her video:

response girl, Kristi, needs to stop relying on her breasts to get
views and be more impartial to get a bi-partisan agreement that obama
may have gone too far, I think these general strokes from her are
counter-productive and the labelling of the "left" is a cheap trick that
has no research behind it.
One google search and you'll find
there are those on the left in America who are opposed to Obama reforms
in various ways, often on specific points, and also this paradigm of
Left and Right is not helpful to find where agreement can be found, even
more so when Obama is centre right, but centre to centre-left of social
policy.  depending on the policy and which people are behind it.  
is not about Left-wing policies in most cases, most notability economic
ones, although obviously Health-Care issues are centre-left.  The
various administrations over the years, from before Nixon, have been
trying to solve problems in society by great control, don't worry it's
not New World Order, but it is security at the cost of liberty.  If
anything the Obama era will be remembered as the hard road to economic
recovery, and I hope people will also recall the extra powers of the
government that were not relaxed as far as the Patriot Act and other
relating infringements, after all Obama has not corrected a vast amount
of spending on the defence of america, much of that spending is what
boosts the economy.  The spend on Military hardware is something that
america can't cut down on to a great degree without a healthy economy
across the board, small, medium, and large businesses, so a giant drain
on the economy will take place for a long while.  The amnesty on
Immigrants is a way of clearly a lot of baggage that America has been
keeping for many years, where many groups have been working in America,
but not really part of the American system, including taxation, and this
move is a strategic one to pool resources on an immigration control
that is not about trying to deal with a vast number of people, so even
if you don't like it you may be able to understand it as policy. 
anyway, I rambled too much, but consider why a thing is done, not why
you don't like the idea of it.

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