Wednesday, 3 December 2014

BAD PSYCHIC? Derek Acorah EXPOSED!!! #badpsychics

Derek Francis "Acorah" Johnson, the famed former main medium of the TV series most haunted, a so-called spirit communicator, trance medium, and TV celebrity, operates around the UK, and in some other parts of the world, making millions by the means of doing psychic cold reading.

He was known for his work on Most Haunted, and that leap in his career made him a well known millionaire medium, ensuring more TV work and dozens of theatre appearances every year.

 some of the best of Derek Acorah in a video I edited a few years ago.

you may say I mock the man, but truth is without the religious factor he would have been locked up many years ago, since Spiritualism and New Age are protected as religion, with freedom of religion laws, such frauds and loons are left to practice these trades, the believers act mentally ill, the frauds used to believers to get rich.

this next video was a better longer version exposing Derek Acorah's poor displays.

you may say I have been unfair and selective in this blog and my few videos, you may be partly right, yet it is true his fans do much more selection and dismiss all critiques as closed-mindedness.

another video going over a few key points on Derek's trance work

a full refutation of a reading by Derek.

He does use an Earpiece?

please make up your own minds, and consider the facts, consider what is true, not what you want.

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