Saturday, 16 July 2016

On working in a Religious workplace.

In my experience, while working in a supermarket, the Muslim employees were happy to discuss Islam, although, as soon as they lost a friendly discussion some would complain to the manager, even though, I was on my lunch break at the same time they were.  No insults and fists, just words and doubt on the historicity of Mohammad, the truth of the Koran, and the existence of a God.  Once a piece of pork off a pizza fell on to a Halal pizza, and I had to throw away most of the food I cooked for the night staff as part of my job.  I could count many such events like this as worth telling you, or save for my memoirs.  Funny thing is I'd tell people something wasn't Halal and they'd still eat it if it wasn't pork or if no other Muslims were around.  So it's a mixed bag of people.  And, without proper training, I had no knowledge of fundamental facts that may have helped avoid the sensibilities of the faithful. 

At one point as a New Ager/spiritualist (pre-2010) I was looking at other religions, including Judaism and kabbalah(an esoteric Jewish method), it was presumed I must be Jewish, I had to make clear I wasn't Jewish, even though it doesn't bloody well matter to most people in any way.  I'm not Jewish, and that shouldn't be a thing that keeps a steaming anger from boiling over, no matter what religion you belong to. 

I had good times too, over four years I had good pay while working nights, but the attitude of some is very unrealistic.  The only time I had a Christian act like an ass at that job was when she thought I was Christian and she was bitching about Muslims following the devil.  She herself was a member of a noisy church that focused the black community, whereas, I was a collector of books on spirit guides, so slight difference.  I put her in her place a bit, some talk of not wanting her faith or theirs telling me what is true. 

Sadly, many people there were very two faced.  And, over the course of that job, I had various cases of annoyed people telling me they were offended that I thought god didn't exist, 2010+.  Since it was these people who helped me see the religions I thought I knew a little of were really not the peaceful parts that spiritualist said they were.  Spiritualists and New Agers say Muhammad was an Arabic Jesus, so Jesus?  no, more like a guru or teacher, BUT these dumb fucks never read the koran or knew the history of the wars of Islam and Muhammad.  They were always trying to say he was an Arabic buddha.

Learning the real history was key to me dropping the religious mysticism that the mediums and psychics said was true, I have spoken in detail about the main things that changed my mind, but the fact that the great religions were born in blood was a factor that helped me to see the spiritualists and new agers just repeated positive memes about what they wanted to believe Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and others were like.

Seeing through the progressive deception of what religious leaders helps you to see that it is cherry picking to see Muhammad as a buddha like-person instead of a warlord. 

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