Sunday, 31 July 2016

Islam is a religion of peace?

 The Religion Of Peace.

Who am I kidding, I am not going to do that blog, the liberal apologetic blog in which the excuses are on display. 

Islam is a religion of peace much like Onision the famous Youtube sh!thead is a banana, we are not dealing with a religion of peace, we have a religion with many divides and the fact your doctor is Muslim means almost nothing. 

The whining liberal who claims Islam is peace claims because his dentist is peaceful that Islam in all forms is peace, and IS must not be Muslim.  This is a sickening delusion, and a kind of not true Scotsman fallacy against IS.  IS are an evil group by any modern standard, but they follow the Koran and Hadith teachings to the letter, they kill Muslims but many Muslim groups kill rivals, you may as well say Shiites aren't Muslim if IS is not Islamic. 

The liberals who are fooled by extremism are also those who get fooled by people who set up sharia gangs and demand extra protection and rights, people who at best represent a tiny number of western Muslims, but mobilise like they speak for a whole region of London.  The liberals think they are just like their doctor or dentist or local shop keeper, while the noisy extremist in the west is radicalising young men who may even go as far as carrying out acts of terror or joining IS in Syria. 

We see Muslims with differing views who are either peaceful or they are not, and the violent ones are supported by a wide number of Muslims on a global level.  My recent points on Pakistani violence says only part of the story[see the earlier blog].  

I want to touch on this from time to time to remind you that the trouble world is troubled by many factors, not least Muslim Extremism. 

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