Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ignorance and Argumentative

Ignorance and Argumentative

The most entertaining aspects of a discussion can be the bad arguments, on a little know video I found extreme stupidity from some supporters of an Indian guru who was a convicted child sex offender, who as it seems may have abused dozens of young girls, I made my response to the story in a very serious and well-sourced manner, due to the horrid nature of the news. The supporters of the guru, Asaram Bapu, who clearly had not checked what my opinions were, and only a few checks would give them a clear picture, not least my view of religion and what coverage Christianity has in the west. Kumar starts by stating “Go for doctor sick poor man, Pope had abused and raped many ones”, so he assumes that the west is Christian, the pope speaks for Christians, thus all in the westerners bend a knee to the chair. So he chose to argue from a point of great ignorance, and, as an atheist, I have little time for any religious authorities, in fact, more than half of the world's Christians do not follow the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, and, in a way, Kumar was ethnically profiling me. 

I agree that covering up child abuse is a crime, and the Roman Catholic church should be held to account, some reports suggest that up to five percent of catholic priests have engaged in child abuse, and yet, I have not heard of any evidence reporting that the pope or previous popes were raping children themselves. Obvious though it is, the reason why Kumar made this move was because I pointed out the legal facts of Guru Bapu's sex crimes, so Kumar thought that the best way to rebuke me was to attack what he thought must be my cult of choice, this is in many ways to sidestep responsibility. He continues “This is the truth, I mean the truth of your religion. India was, is and will remain the best country and land of lords. Blind one cannot see Sun. Poor Guy”, so by not fact checking the power of the RC church, my view of religion, and by seemingly being an Indian/Hindu nationalist, Kumar fails utterly in his argument and fails to defend his own beliefs.

It's easy to dismiss a belief when you find such poor critics, and in every religion, there are those who think they defend their faith by insulting you, but you defend nothing by the means of deflecting attention and ad hominem attacks. Such comments are the lowest form of criticism, they rarely offer anything that makes you think, at least if they bothered to discuss this topic then we could share ideas and see what is actually correct, even if we disagree on what we accept as true. 

Nationalism, in my opinion, is one of the vilest forms of mental surrender,
you slave yourself to those who are a bit like you in ethnicity, nation, religion, 
and culture, due to blind servitude rather than a rational argument.

 Asaram Bapu and his son are facing Indian justice for their acts, even if I was in the RC church it would mean Bapu is good, he just means people with power shouldn't be sexually abusing people. 

My video on the cult leader/guru Asaram Bapu


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