Saturday, 11 June 2016

Patreon, donations, etc.

  At what point is a thing you do a scam, and not a fair system for fund raising?

It is an odd thing that donations are seen as scams by a kind of default by some, yet others don't care if you lie for every penny you have, I don't think the point is the money as much as the why.  Why are you paid, what services are offered, do you do as you say you will, such as with Anita Sarkeesian who gets kickstarted with a load of cash, and what is even more sickening than getting load of money for a cheap series is she doesn't even do what she said she will do.  I call that a scam, a con trick, and she is doing it again.

In my case, I don't want or need much, just enough money to make my blogs and youtube vlogs a secondary employment, or maybe first, not that I need great sums to get that, once I get that I can then focus on this work far more.  Editing material, researching groups, writing scripts, thinking up new and interesting ideas.

A while ago I said I didn't want to do the whole patreon thing, I felt it wasn't the best thing at the time, what with so many YouTubers and bloggers using money making methods then becoming attention whores.  So I went off the idea for months, but then thought I'd turn my Patreon account back to being a creator account.  Within a week, I got two patrons, and it may only be ten pounds per month at this time, but if it gets up to a hundred per week then I can focus on this much more.

Okay, understand that I'm not going to get into drama battles with big YouTubers, I don't want that, I'm not going to hunt views all the time, but I will accept topics of interest from my friends.  Most people who know me on youtube, facebook, and elsewhere, will know that I'm willing to engage new topics, I don't see the point in being too mainstream, why should I do a video about what everyone is bitching about today?  So ask, and if it's interesting or a worthy cause then I will probably look into something, and do a blog or a video on the topic.

So this isn't a sellout, I am not pretty enough to go mainstream, and I really hate acting like a parrot for whatever Youtubers are ranting about this week.  So accepting friendly donations, but I'm staying the way I am.

my patreon

 Feel free to donate if you feel like you can afford it and like my work here and on youtube. 

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