Saturday, 11 June 2016

Evading The Point

 I've stated much on this group in the past, and I want to make a single point in this short blog, 'You Gain Nothing By An Evasion'.

You don't need to be an expert on this topic, this point is very simple, when we question the worst parts of Falun Gong, what they do, what they believe, the response is to presume that we, the critics, must agree with Chinese oppression of FG and other groups.

Lets this set in. . .  They think because you find the claims to be harmful, just are some cult characteristics that you accept the idea that the Chinese Communists are justified in killing them.

What is a disgusting thing to say.

We critics disagree on the pseudoscience and anti-medical science views of Falun Gong and it's founder Master Li, and so we must think beatings, torture, and other crimes against humanity, all of that is good?

It's a horrid thing to state, but a truly strange thing to believe. 

How could anyone who thinks this be intellectually honest?

If you think that not loving Israel's attacks on Palestinians means you are pro-holocaust then you need to get back to earth, have a think, rather than parroting the propaganda.

Just make this clear, the enemy of my enemy isn't my friend, and in this case thinks it's perfectly acceptable to lie, presuming you are either with them totally or the enemy.

I talk about this group in some detail in a few videos, here is my latest video on this group.

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