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Brexit, a common Brextake?

The Common Problem About The European Union And It's Governance.  

If a man says to you that the nation in which you live is a dictatorship while not proving the claim, would you accept it based on argument and selected arguments?  I should make clear, I have no love lost for me and the European Union, I have swung between sides of this debate since we have a mixed bag of positive and negative issues that give value to both the 'In' or 'Out' opinions.  And, I have swung from neutrality to the Out or Leave side of the argument.  The trouble is the collection of propagandists on both sides who don't see how those of us willing to be sceptical can see though their deceptive political views.  I could reference the 'In' camp's claims, but tedious stats would be a side note, and the scaremongering will only enrage the sensitive among you.

The point I am annoyed by is the claim about European democracy being far from democratic, which isn't totally wrong, yet is somewhat false.  I will clarify, the concern is not a black and white one as you will no doubt understand, it is when The Brexit 'Movie' claims that the European Union is or has turned into a dictatorship.  Now, as a left-libertarian I am concerned on two fold, my libertarian politics respond to the concern of an overly complex and massively funded central government with layers of regulation that limits trades, and my inner lefty who seeks to encourage real progression in society and an end to poverty.  My political entity finds a dictatorial governmental power structure to be against good socialist ideas and the values of a free society.  So if we are dictated to then as a left libertarian I see in it the failure of our politician to safeguard a European society from governmental tyranny.

Now, I ask you on what evidence did I base my previous thoughts?
Was it on the solid fact of the EU's dictation to member nations or the reaction to the claim?  I only ask because we live in an age of reactionary views, and to be told what the enemy does and thinks is another matter from what they truly are.  So, I may be very concerned if I do no research if I let Boris and Nigel tell me what they want to say, for whichever reasons they have chosen for themselves, in truth or bias.  Or when facing the claims, I do research, look at all the data to find out what's what.  This is why a vote on whether we want to be in or out of the European Union needs real discussion.

The obvious facts on how the European Union works, how the bureaucracy work to limit the power of one nation over another, and how commissioners are just put on the gravy train should be serious topics discussed in detail, and in the mainstream news media. 
This is not to say the facts are covered up, nor that the media is just barking common thoughts while trying to act mildly impartial, however, there are very easy answers to some of the Brexit questions.

The claim I hear over and over is we are dictated to by the European commissioners, that these unelected men get onto the gravy train of European politics and simply enjoy the perks of the job while waving through laws from French and German bureaucracy.  However, if you listen to Nigel Farage on this point, when he often claims such things, you may fail to use a search engine on your browser to check and double check the facts.  Are you accepting limited information and slanted facts that make a great mountain of a small knoll?

How are European Commissioners appointed is explained on the Wikipedia page [en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Commissioner] that gives us an impartial view, and a strong point is that they must be qualified to get the role, the commission president is merely a figurehead, and then green-lighted by the elected members of the European Parliament.  These commissioners are dominated by the national governments firstly, then the European government, the commissioners and the EU parliament, filter out the under-qualified and inexperienced candidates.  It isn't a matter of sending a friend to get rich in an easy desk job, that kind of system is ruled out by the screening process.  So the nearest thing to the gravy train is educated and experienced persons get a job that pays well, although they must spend most of the year far from family, invested in politics and diplomacy, trying to broker ever greater cooperation between nations that are often trying to get a deal that would be unfair to the other member nations.  The result when we have protested against a bill that comes to the Parliament is a rejection that forces rewrites to ensure that the majority can agree to vote yes.

To get back to the point, the commission is made up of experts who have an area to focus upon, they are no so many politicians, nor representatives.  They are civil servants who try to draft bills for the parliament that are designed to get agreement from the various members of the European Union.  Even though they work with the various Parliamentary members, including those who work in the think tanks that help set up policy ideas, and what is or may be desired by national governments.  It could be compared to herding cats.  A series of independent and uncooperative members who all want a special deal, such as the deals that Mr. Cameron has hungered for in negotiations over the last few years.

A quick clarification, the UK Government put forward experienced and skilled persons to be commissioners, the Commissioner president filters out the unsuitable for the civil servant role or roles required, the EU Parliament agrees or does not upon the commission set up, and these civil servants work as diplomats to try to get agreement upon policies that get through the Parliament and are voted up by your representatives.

So, please tell me why this is a dictatorship.

I advise that any of you in doubt see the details of this area of European politics, this factor may not change your or my mind on immigration, proper spending, fair regulation and taxation, but it should be a matter of the facts above political rhetoric.

To add another thought, The Brexit Movie also had images of the top civil servants in the EU, showing people these photos and asking the public if they had a clue who they were.  It goes without saying, they didn't have a clue.  And because these 'presidents' are called such, they conflate the civil servants with rulers, in the American sense of the term 'president'. 

Now, ask yourself, do you know who David Cameron's top advisers are?

Do you know the name of the top think tanks in the UK?

Who are the top four or five civil servants in the United Kingdom?

And would you know who the top civil servants are if I had pictures?

and lastly, if you know all of the answers to these questions above then ask yourself how many of the well over 60 million citizens of Great Britain actually know those answers, or even know their local politicians? 

I doubt most people know enough to say much about the European Government, yet millions are very passionate and driven by poor arguments from walking jokes like Boris Johnson.  You may as well be swayed by George Osborne and David Cameron's pleading to remain at all costs, or the anarchist who won't vote and will never get what he or she wants.

My point is not for the in or out arguments, my point is for a sceptical discussion, not a half-baked series of arguments from both sides touting celebrities to try to woo you to their side, or should I say scare you into committing to Brexit or Bremain.

As I say, I'm saying out, this is most because I'm probably biased with my politics, as we all are, and yet I am willing to hear all sides, are you should be too.  And, dare I say it, our duty is to the facts and the will of the people, so I will support whatever people decide upon with me in the referendum. 

The Brexit Movie

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