Thursday, 4 February 2016

Writting my first book?

[A quick, first draft of an article about writing]

Even though me grammar and speiling aren't not bad, I thought "Why not."

I have published on a few websites my thoughts before, more as a joke or for personal use, I have tried fiction, and as a topic, writing a story about Tibetan spiritual minced with a kind of ghost story, I wrote that while a bit in intoxicated, but I haven't wrote a well thought out book for public sale.  My project started in 2014, writing thoughts as a long winded, and somewhat pointless, philosophy, needless to say, I ended up putting that idea to bed, I had after rounding it down only a small number of pages, I figured that starting over may be for the best.  My next attempt was from the spring of 2015, I used arguments rather than drawn out reasoning, then through second and third draft corrected errors, added facts, and generally steadied up the work to a level that was acceptable, in most cases following edits have been required, and extra pages added. 

By early 2016 I have a great amount of work to use for my book, many points expand into other areas of thought, and a large part of my book is arguing against bad reasoning, as well as checking and double checking what I think I know.  Fact checking has gone up, I'm less impulsive since I started writing, and in many ways more peaceful in terms of my psychological well being, oddly, the liberation of writing seems to offer psychological benefit, and as I use doubt and reason as my way to peel my stresses.  Much of this being the deep marks left in my life due to religion, as well as other paranormal beliefs that we in affect encouraged in my early life, making my focus on magical solutions, how can you cure depression by believing it's something which can be cured by prayer?!
So I dare say I have some biases that will shrine through in my work, not least, the value of rationality above that of mysticism. 

[At this point I thought it best to continue this line of thought in my writings, I will add an update soon.]

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