Thursday, 4 February 2016

Christopher Hitchen, and some criticism.

Response to a Christian fanatic about Christopher Hitchens, the response is from under a video on youtube about Islam and Muhammad, in which Hitchens refutes much of Islam's foundations, as you may expect many of the comments under the video are from Bigots, racists, Muslim Fanatics, and Chrstian nutbars, here I respond to one who such criticism of Hitchens. 


Some People makes slightly silly claims, some of those are directed towards authors, oddly they seek out the videos related to them, and add poorly thought out Youtube comments, in this case Mr. A*** makes a point about Christopher Hitchens, he claims, “This man is virtually an illiterate. Whose claim to fame is an unresearched book. He was a hack writer in Vanity Fair magazine and left no legacy worth the mention. Good riddance.” Criticism of this kind may seem pointless, it largely is, since the person only uses a few facts and ignore the criticised person's career, in this case I respond by pointing out he was an imperfect, if quite good journalist, author of various books on various topics.
“He was a journalist with some notable errors in his writing, or over simplifications, and yet, he strikes many topics very well, expressing concern over some very mistaken beliefs. I personally don't think the judgement upon the man, Hitchens, is best expressed as he was simply a hack and left no legacy, the fact that he material is still in book stores disproves the legacy point, the hack claim is subjective at best.”

“He wrote on George Orwell, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Thomas Jefferson, and Thomas Paine, in a number of books, as well a many articles that were sometimes far from serious, or to be taken as fully serious. Such as the duty he was given to argue that women aren't funny, he also did some things like breaking antiqued New York laws, such as riding through central part with your feet of the peddles, and a story on male waxing. Journalists aren't always serious, when they are they can express well some very good points, Hitchens was good at this, and changed his position on many topics, showing that he was a fair journalist, and a freethinker.”

“So fair, even if he was a heavy drinker and smoker, and god seemed to give him the most obvious death anyone could imagine, a cancer that was the same as his father's, and related to smoking and drinking, and I dare say his weight didn't help either. It seems that he made a good impact over his life, even if some wealth and a little fame was only true for his last decade."

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