Thursday, 4 February 2016

Proving Jesus by knocking down Alexander The Great.

[second draft from a book of arguments I've had on the internet, mostly on youtube and facebook]

Jesus Vs. Alexander.

There are so many great arguments for God or Jesus that many classics are found from the parroting comments on youtube, for example “Sorry little to no evidence for the life of Jesus? There's more evidence he existed then there is for Alexander the Great. But Since we like to go on about amount of Evidence it must be assumed Alexander is a storybook character that never existed.” My response was to point out that we have a large amount of evidence for Alexander The Great, “scrolls, coins, inscriptions, tablets, statues of Alexander”, and the best source for the actual existence for Jesus is Josephus, who chronicled Jewish history while working for the Romans, his work covered mostly the first century, the Jewish-Roman wars and uprisings. Josephus offers a near Christ era historical account, however scholar opinions differ on the total or partial authenticity of the account itself, the general opinion is that the account is utterly false, and some say it was changed, but in any case it is the nearest thing to historical evidence. I pointed out that Alexander, who is evident over 2300 years after his death due to kingship of a vast empire that traded from Greece all the way to Western India, and the best Christianity can do is use the bible and shaky historical accounts to try to suggest Jesus existed at all, we would still not have evidence for miracles. I continue “If he didn't exist then it makes no difference, because I don't worship Alexander, nor any historical character, whereas, you seem to”, and “if there's evidence that puts to bed Alexander, or any other historical character, then it's something we can learn from”. 

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