Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Teal Swan/scott/bosworth = former Pro-Model?

so she is a half nice looking girl, but so what?

the best modelling images seem to be cheap, amateurish, and suggestive, not a bad thing, but this is not kate moss. 

Teal makes many grand claims, not least the modelling, yet out of thousands of models she is just a nice looking woman, not one of the famous, not a well know face, and all she has in way of he career as a model are a few images, most of which semi-sexual, suggestive and poorly shot. 

If anything is evident it is she could make a nice model, but was/is not lightly to ever break through into world class modelling. 

If anything the sex in her work seems to benefit he new age belief far more than he career, yet in the long interview on youtube with a former follower the beans are spilled, she claimed she was into prostitution at one point, was she an escort at one point?  and he clients in healing are said to get extra services too. 

NOTE:  these things are opinions, not solid facts.  So don't sue me yet ;)

please look up this interview, very interesting, and teal even walks around the house nude and is ver much into free love, good for her. LOL.

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