Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How to become popular new age con artist? - example: Wild Colleen

sadly many gurus gets press via cheap tricks to get attention, one such person, Colleen had a series of softcore porn videos and images online, and some on youtube, to sell he reptilian conspiracy theories. 

she tried to put on a front, yet to gather FUNDS, she had pay for view nude videos on youtube, until they were reported, using nudity and conspiracies to get a following, and thousands in donations. 

 so some of her work was on conspiracies, illuminati, reptilians, angels, aliens, and much more, but she kept the sex side out there as a tool to gather attention. 

her angle was I have truth now, but if you want in you gotta pay!

so by early 2011 she was begging for cash, and saying you need this info to survive the alien invasion, and other such nonsense

 in the end she got over the nude pics, but went into a meltdown of conspiracy lies, even saying she was going to sue the illuminati members, but, guess what, donate now to fund this fake project. 

even claiming that the queen of england, UK prime minister, and US president, were going to be taken to court along with many others, she provides no paper trail to confirm this cash was send anywhere beyond her bank account. 

But in the end to stop being threatened by Christian Fundies she converted with a bang, but still NO REFUNDS. LOL. 

so she came out as a christian conspiracy nut, and after that she was forced to get a real job, return to administrating nurse role in a care home, this was due her fan base, her donation base drying up. 

this was not thanks to christians or new age groups online, it was thanks to those rational people who criticised her and her abuse of her following to pay all of her bills. 

action online can shut these frauds down, colleen is proof, as are many other can artists who have been exposed by concerned people. 

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