Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bad Science in the name of Spiritualism.

I have recently been tying to please the spiritualists by looking into the best science for their claims, I regret to inform you that your science is far from serious, and your results are bias, and as a result your not taken seriously by impartial experts. 

I made a few videos on a channel on youtube called GeneralSwartz, this channel is secondary to my RobertWLester channel, yet it's a place I talk about any topic I wish, so I I asked for their best evidence, and as a result made about 7 videos over a week, as well as two on the RobertWLester channel.  The results of internet investigation found that the most outspoken sights were religious or conspiracy theory sites, the worst being forums full of biases on such things as the scole experiments and marcello bacci, noting it "must be true" because of their experiences with mediums or due to documentary presentations that agree upon.  Their foundational reasoning is it's true, and here's the movie, here's the book, and it's sciency because we had tests, they ignore stories, documentaries, books, and tests are warped by biases, or poor test conditions with the so-called tests. 

note that no matter how much research I do I find no serious evidence, and the tests done by paranormalists are often made to gather results, not ensure true results, as with the scole experiment

this shame, this quackery display allowed many poor controls and no controls in a few cases, as with using a room in the mediums home to conduct a session, and they waved the right to confirm the room was OK for this test. 

the other example noted was in regard to Marcello Bacci, a chap who uses a radio to talk to the dead, it seems to be the Ghost box trick, or maybe a radio trick using a transmitters. 

in any case the tests run with Mr. Bacci were not run for confirmation of the ability as much as getting results with slack controls. 

one man who keeps pushing for lax controls is Mr. Victor Zammit, a spiritualist and lawyer, who has even insisted that James Randi should make the Million Dollar Challenge easier so mediums can pass it.  Victor is a man who like to think he is the answer to scepticism, and that mediums are real because in his tests they seem to offer results, yet in such cases he cuts out critical thought and leaves the "tests" open to trickery, such as hot and cold reading methods.  And he is the one saying that James Randi is a fraud, I think religion has poisoned his mind, and it can happen, just look at the writer of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a genius as far as his famous work, yet fell prey to the power of religious thinking, and spent many years as a fund raiser, being hustled, by spiritualist conmen and believers alike. 


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