Tuesday, 15 November 2011

5th November 2011 - why I didn't go to a protest

You may find this hard to believe, I realised how much of a joke the protests are, occupy London stock exchange is easily the failed protest that Britain deserves, a number of die hard protesters, young impressionable students, and some who want change, they are not the 99%, the 99% is not yet mobilised to the call of reason.

I went there to the London stock exchange in October, a dangerous trend of conspiracy theories was largely what scares away the general public, talk on Zeitgeist and various other conspiracisms were seemingly popular, and blaming "the system", socialist workers party set up a table, which pushes away moderates and liberal minded people in the city when they see the leftists in large numbers, so far from the 99%.

I consider it to have failed from the start, as soon as one political out5 look becomes the status quo, with students and ex-students full of ideas the inner boundary of reason is no more, cast to the wind in an epic fail that threaten the whole movement in the UK.

A saving grace, the Saturday protests that do more than double and triple the protests are the real 99%, in that you see far more of a demographic and not a limited die hard clan of thought.

In conclusion, the reason why I didn't go to the protests in London or near me is because of various invested groups, ideas, and some who are real clowns who hijack the movement for their own views of the world.